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Program description

Statistics is the mathematical science of data and consists of statistical principles and methods for collecting data, organizing data and analyzing data to make statistical decisions in practical situations involving uncertainty.  Statistics is an effective way to understand real-world problems and so being a statistician is exciting and rewarding. As a statistician, you cannot only develop statistical theory and methods in your own front yard, but also play in everyone’s backyard by working with researchers in many disciplines on important problems in the natural, physical, medical and social sciences.

Program options

Degree options 

B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, Honours in Statistics – 4 years
B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, Honours in Statistics (Co-op) – 5 years
B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, Major in Statistics – 4 years
B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, Major in Statistics (Co-op) – 5 years
B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, General – 3 years 

Program options

B. Sc. Joint Honours programs
Statistics/Actuarial Mathematics
Statistics/Computer Science (includes Co-op option)


Interesting courses and unique opportunities

Co-op options
Cooperative-work study options for Statistics Programs

Professional opportunities

  • Statistics Canada
  • Manitoba Bureau of Statistics
  • Standard Aero
  • Health Canada
  • Ipsos-Reid
  • Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Bio-Tech Companies
  • Great-West Life

Admission Requirements

Visit the Science Direct Entry (high school applicants) or Advanced Entry (post-secondary applicants) application for admission page to learn more about admission requirements, application dates and how to apply.

What is unique about this program at the U of M?

The Department of Statistics at the University of Manitoba is one of the oldest in Canada with 16 full-time academic members, with research expertise in diverse areas of Statistics and Probability.The Statistical Society of Canada has accredited our 3000-level and 4000-level statistical courses. This facilitates graduates obtaining an Associate Statistician (A.Stat.) designation, which enhances employment opportunities.

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