Pre-Veterinary Medicine
School of Agriculture & Food Sciences

Program description

Veterinary medicine focuses on the health of all animal species, from food-producing animals and companion animals to wildlife. Veterinarians pursue careers in private practice, specialized disciplines, public service, research, or industry.
Students studying Pre-Veterinary Studies at the University of Manitoba can complete the required courses through the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences or the Faculty of Science.  After two years of study, students are eligible to apply for admission to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), where they can pursue the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. Students who do not gain admission to the WCVM can complete their chosen degree in Agriculture or Science in the normal amount of time and seek a career in science or animal agriculture.

Program options

Students can complete the required Pre-Veterinary courses through the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences or the Faculty of Science – minimum 2 years   

Interesting courses and unique opportunities

Interesting courses

  • Environmental Physiology of Animals
  • Comparative Animal Histology
  • Parasitology
  • Veterinary and Wildlife Entomology

Co-op option

Students in Pre-Veterinary Studies can benefit from Cooperative Education programs, which formally integrates the student’s academic study with work experience in employer organizations found in industry, government and the farming profession. The program can expand their knowledge and experience with animals—which is a key component the Western College for Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) at the University of Saskatchewan uses to assess applications.   

Professional opportunities

After two years in Pre-Veterinary Studies, students can apply for admission to the WCVM, or continue their studies Agriculture or Science.

Admission Requirements

Visit the Direct Entry (high school applicants) or Advanced Entry (post-secondary applicants) Agricultural and Food Sciences or Science application for admission page to learn more about admission requirements, application dates and how to apply.


What is unique about this program at the U of M?

Pre-Veterinary studies include courses that apply to a number of degrees in Agriculture and Science, so students who are not initially admitted to Veterinary Science have the opportunity to complete related studies.  The success rate for application from the U of M is very high – in some years 65 percent of the Manitoba allotment (of 15 students) come from the U of M.
Students pursuing pre-vet studies are encouraged to be involved in department, faculty and university organizations, such as the Pre-Vet Club in Agriculture.  Holding key positions in these types of organizations gives students a competitive edge on their vet school applications. 


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