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Program description

How many computers have you used today? Think about the app used to find your bus, the online tool used to post pictures, and the video games you are looking forward to playing. Computers and software aid, inform, and enrich our lives. A degree in Computer Science will help you contribute to the incredible ways computers are shaping our lives.  Computer Science offers a rewarding, flexible and lucrative career.
The Department of Computer Science also offers an extensive Co-op education program. Students in the co-op program have an amazing opportunity to meet employers, get career support, and complete 12-months of paid work experience before graduation. Students in many disciplines are drawn to Computer Science to expand their education and make new contributions to their areas. Whether you study Computer Science as a major, a joint major, or a minor, courses in Computer Science are an essential part of a comprehensive university education.

Program options

Degree options

B. Sc. Bachelor of Computer Science, Honours – 4 years
B. Sc. Bachelor of Computer Science, Honours (Co-op) – 5 years
B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, Major in Computer Science – 4 years
B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, Major in Computer Science (Co-op) – 5 years
B. Sc. Bachelor of Science, General – 3 years

Program options

B. Sc. Joint Honours Programs:
Computer Science/Mathematics (includes co-op)
Computer Science/Physics & Astronomy (includes co-op)
Computer Science/Statistics (includes co-op)

Interesting courses and unique opportunities

Co-op options
The Department of Computer Science offers an exciting Co-op education option in all its programs where students participate in three, 4-month work terms, graduating with twelve months of well-paid work experience. Students have an amazing opportunity to meet employers and get career support before graduation. There are employers in a wide variety of fields in Winnipeg and other national and international locations, including the US and Japan.


  • Software Engineering
  • Databases
  • Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Networks and Security
  • Computer Systems
  • Theoretical Computer Science

    Professional opportunities

    Which industries hire Computer Science graduates? All of them! Students have worked on special effects for major Hollywood films, software for brain scanners, computer games, smartphone software, and others too numerous to mention. For a sample, please visit coop.cs.umanitoba.ca and click on “History of Employers”. Most work in Computer Science is very collaborative, and strong interpersonal and communication skills are in high demand.

    Admission Requirements

    Visit the Science Direct Entry (high school applicants) or Advanced Entry (post-secondary applicants) application for admission page to learn more about admission requirements, application dates and how to apply.



    What is unique about this program at the U of M?

    The Department of Computer Science at the University of Manitoba is an internationally recognized research center, and our students have opportunities to work in active research laboratories including robotics, autonomous agents, bioinformatics, novel interface design, using mathematics and methods from nature to solve computing problems, and more. Our students have access to a modern selection of cutting-edge courses, and our well-established co-op program sends students to exciting workplaces including government offices, movie and game studios. Further, through our elective program students are able to combine Computer Science with study in a wide variety of fields including the arts and music, psychology, mathematics, engineering, management, and many more. Computer Science degree programs at the U of M are internationally accredited by the CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society) Computer Science Accreditation Council under the Seoul accord. 

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