Faculty of Arts - Canadian Studies

Program description

This Faculty of Arts interdisciplinary programs allows students to study Canada from a full range of disciplinary perspectives. It examines both the past and the present from political, economic, social and cultural disciplinary perspectives. Courses that focus on Canada in the Faculty of Arts are drawn from Anthropology, Economics, English, French, History, Icelandic, Labour Studies, Political Studies, Religion, Slavic Studies and Sociology. In addition, certain courses in other faculties including Art History and Geography and Environment, are also available form Canadian Studies credit.

Program options

Degree options

B.A. Bachelor of Arts, Major in Canadian Studies - 3 years
B.A. (Hons.), Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Canadian Studies - 4 years

Interesting courses and unique opportunities

Exchange opportunities

The University of Manitoba offers exchange programs for Canadian studies students to Trent University and the University of Washington.

Professional opportunities

  • Journalist
  • Government
  • Lawyer

Admission requirements

Visit the Faculty of Arts Direct Entry (high school applicants) or Advanced Entry (post-secondary applicants) application for admission page to learn more about admission requirements, application dates and how to apply.

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