The JUMP Scheduler won’t let me book my tests and I already re-activated your status with SAS. What is going on?

The system will stop you if it is:

  • less than 7  days before summer tests (May to Aug), or 
  • less than 14 days before winter term tests (Sept to April)

I need to book my exam and my course is not showing up, what do I do?

We strongly recommend that you email SAS or your Accessibility Advisor as soon as possible before the test booking deadline.
The system will not show your courses if:

  • you have not re-activated your status with SAS
  • you added a new course after you activated with SAS
  • your medical documentation with SAS is expired

When should I re-activate my status with SAS?

We strongly recommend that you email SAS or your Accessibility Advisor at the beginning of each term (within the first couple of weeks)

  • Your ability to book your tests and exams in the Jump scheduler depends on activating your file with SAS
  • Email must include your name, student number and the reason for your email
  • Email student_accessibility@umanitoba.ca or your Accessibility Advisor

I missed the test booking deadline, what are my options?

  • write with your class at the scheduled date and time with the understanding that you will not have access to your academic accommodations or;
  • apply for a deferral from your instructor or department (for tests) or faculty (for final exams) due to medical, compassionate, or exceptional reasons. SAS cannot guarantee that deferrals for tests/exams will be granted, this is done at the discretion of the department or faculty.

I need to write my exam earlier than the regular class due to a conflict with another course or exam, what do I do?

If your instructor has approved an alternate start time for your exam, book your exam for the regular start time and then reply to the confirmation email you will receive from sasexams@umanitoba.ca or sasbc@umanitoba.ca. Simply state “accommodated time before class start time” and indicate the exact time you have been approved to start you exam, along with confirmation from the instructor that the alternate time has been approved.  We will review your request and reply to your email as soon as possible to confirm the changes.

I need to write my midterm on a different date, what do I do?

  • Book the midterm for the scheduled class date and time.
  • Talk to your instructor and request permission to change the date.
  • Ask your instructor to email the approved details to sasexams@umanitoba.ca (Fort Garry Campus) or sasbc@umanitoba.ca (Bannatyne campus) and we will make the change for you in the SAS scheduler. We require a verbal or written confirmation from your instructor before we can schedule your alternate date and time. 

I need to write my Final Exam on a different date, what do I do?

If you miss or need to request an alternate date for a final exam, contact your faculty General Office immediately, (within 48 hours). You can apply for a deferral due to medical, compassionate or exceptional reasons. 

My instructor/program changed the date of the exam, what do I do?

Please send us an email to let us know. We can change the date and ensure your prior, cancelled exam is cancelled in our system as well.

What if I am unsure of the duration of my midterm/exam?

If you are unsure of the duration of a midterm, book for the class duration. If you are unsure of the duration of a December or April exam, book the exam for a 3-hour duration. For a Bannatyne Medicine NBME exam, estimate a 3 –hour duration plus 15-minute tutorial. Please remember to include online tutorials in your estimate for every NBME booking. This way we can ensure that there is an invigilator available for the duration of the exam. Talk to your instructor to confirm the duration and SAS will update your original booking.

I got an error message “No available spaces could be found” when I tried to book my exam, what do I do?

Email SAS right away at sasexams@umanitoba.ca and explain the issue you are having. You must include your name, test booking information that you are trying to book (e.g. date, time, course, start time, and duration). We will reply to your email as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

My booking link directs me to the notetaker section instead of the test booking scheduler, what do I do?

This happens when you are a current notetaker or a former notetaker with SAS.

If this happens, login to jump and paste the link below into the address bar and that should take you to the regular home page.http://sasclockwork.cc.umanitoba.ca/ClockWork/custom/misc/home.aspx