FAQ - Staff and Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions: General

What is Student Accessibility Services' contact information

Fort Garry Campus Administrative Offices:
520 University Centre
Phone: 204-474-7423
Fax: 204-474-7567

Fort Garry Campus Exam Centre:
155 University Centre
Phone: 204-474-7423
Fax: 204-261-7732
TTY: 204-474-9790

Bannatyne Campus Office:
T245 Basic Sciences Building, 770 Bannatyne Ave
Phone: 204-474-7423
Fax: 204-474-7567

When is the SAS Exam Centre open?

All year-round, note the specific hours of operation

Fall/Winter Session (September - April):
Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
Friday* 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
* during the final exam period, we are open Fridays 8:30 am - 9:00 pm; Saturdays 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Summer Session (May - August):
Monday - Friday* 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
* during midterms and finals, we are open 8:30 am - 9:00 pm

Does Student Accessibility Services help with staff accommodation needs?

Staff and faculty should contact Bryan Wiebe at Human Resources for assistance on-campus at: 204-474-7897.

On-Campus Van Service is booked through Student Accessibility Services for students or staff with mobility disabilities; please call the SAS Exam Centre at 204-474-6213.

Interpreting Services: Sign Language Interpreters and Computerized Note-takers are available for other events on or off campus on a fee-for-service basis. Please submit the details of your event and request for Interpreters or Computerized Note-takers through our online booking form at umanitoba.ca/student/saa/accessibility/online-booking-forms.html. Please contact the Student Accessibility Services office to find out more details if you have an event that requires either an interpreter or a Computerized Note-taker.

What if I did not receive a student's letter of accommodation and the student is requesting something?

Contact the Student Accessibility Services office and check it out. The student may not have registered with Student Accessibility Services yet (i.e. may not have requested accommodation), or Student Accessibility Services may be behind in its correspondence or waiting for documentation. Student Accessibility Services can confirm status and needs by phone if necessary.

Can students register throughout the term?
Yes. Sometimes a student does not get documentation of his or her disability any earlier, and therefore could not initiate accommodations earlier. Some students like to try to take a class without accommodations and then register when they find they are struggling and need accommodations.

If a student requests accommodations too late in the term, appropriate arrangements may be impossible to make. An example of such a request might be a student requesting an entire textbook be converted to alternate format at the end of a semester. In this case, Student Accessibility Services will work with you and the student to determine the appropriate course of action.

What if I don't understand a recommended accommodation?

Contact the Student Accessibility Services Accessibility Advisor indicated on the student's Letter of Accommodation to discuss your concerns.

What if I don't know what my responsibility is?

Contact the Student Accessibility Services office and ask.

Do reasonable accommodations mean lower standards for students with disabilities?

No. All students are required to demonstrate that they have successfully achieved the learning outcomes for each course. However, the method of demonstrating that may differ for students with disabilities who require accommodations. Please refer to the section in this handbook entitled "Reasonable Accommodation" for further information or contact Student Accessibility Services to discuss.

What if a student in my class needs Volunteer Note Takers – what do I do?

If a student has volunteer note takers as one of their accommodations (it will be listed on the Letter of Accommodation we email to you), please make an announcement at the beginning of the course requesting two volunteers to take notes in your class. There is no need for more than two note takers per class as all students in your class using VNTs will have access to the same notes. Please direct volunteers to report to Student Accessibility Services Exam Centre at 155 University Centre, 204-474-6213, or to visit umanitoba.ca/student/saa/accessibility/volunteer-note-taker-sign-up-form.html to register as volunteers with our office.

The following is a sample script to assist you in making the announcement:
A student in this class is unable to take their own notes and needs to share notes with other students. If you would like to volunteer, please visit the Student Accessibility Services website at umanitoba.ca/student/saa/accessibility/volunteer-note-taker-sign-up-form.html, visit the office in person at 155 University Centre, or call 204-474-6213. At the end of the term, Student Accessibility Services will be happy to provide you with a letter of reference for your volunteer work.

If you would like a PowerPoint slide containing this announcement, please email student_accessibility@umanitoba.ca.

I have a student who is having difficulty in my class. I think he may have a disability. What should I do to help him?

Talk privately with the student to discuss your observation that he/she is struggling. The student may reveal he has a disability. If this is the case and the student is registered with Student Accessibility Services, suggest that he talk to his Accessibility Advisor to discuss additional supports or accommodations.

If the student does not identify a disability, you can provide information about the different student services available on campus such as Student Accessibility Services, the Student Counselling Centre or University Health Services. (Please note that many other student services are available on campus; a Student Accessibility Services Accessibility Advisor would be happy to discuss these with you if you are not sure where to refer the student.)

If you think a student has a Learning Disability, or if the student suspects they have one, you can refer the student to Student Accessibility Services for a screening interview with an Accessibility Advisor. The Accessibility Advisor will provide information to the student about assessment options, and refer them to the appropriate resources.

Since many students who suspect they have a Learning Disability or who were diagnosed as children with a Learning Disability arrive at the University of Manitoba without documentation, comprehensive assessments are provided through the University of Manitoba's Learning Disability Clinic. Students who would like to be assessed for a learning disability will be referred by their Accessibility Advisor to fill out the questionnaire at the Student Counselling Centre, located at 474 University Centre.

What do I do if a student displays worrisome or threatening behavior in the classroom?

If there is a safety or medical concern, contact Security Services at 555 immediately.

Student Accessibility Services staff members are always available to consult in situations that may be disability-related. (Please note that not all worrisome or threatening behavior will be associated with a disability.)

If you know the student is registered with Student Accessibility Services, you can contact his/her Accessibility Advisor to discuss the situation. The Advisor may refer you to other resources, or may offer to contact the student directly to discuss the situation.

Worrisome or threatening behavior from a student or staff member should be reported to the Student Support Case Manager with the STATIS (Student Threat Assessment Triage Intervention Support) team. More information about this team can be found at umanitoba.ca/student/media/STATIS_brochure_final_web.pdf.

What do I do if other students complain about accommodations made for students with disabilities (especially invisible disabilities such as arthritis, hearing impairment, learning disabilities or head injury)?

You can inform them of the University's dedication to providing accessible accommodation to all students, and educate them about the need to accommodate students with disabilities. Proper accommodations do not provide an advantage to students; they simply even the 'playing field' when a student's disability is causing a barrier to their education.

What if a student asks for a better mark as an accommodation?

Students with disabilities should not receive preferential marking based on the disability. Occasionally, if an accommodation has not been provided, the instructor may wish to review the grade awarded. An Accessibility Advisor is always available for consultation should this situation arise.

Please feel free to contact the Student Accessibility Services Administrative Offices at 204-474-7423 to discuss any of the questions above, any that may not be represented in this section, or any disability-related situations that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions: Tests & Exams

How do students book exams?

Information about the test/exam booking procedures can be found on our website at umanitoba.ca/student/saa/accessibility/test-exam-centre.html.
Details about your role in this process can be found at umanitoba.ca/student/saa/accessibility/staff-help-with-tests.html.

How far in advance should I schedule my exams?

The SAS Exam Centre needs students to book their tests at least 2 weeks in advance, and their final exams by November 15th (Fall term) or March 20th (Winter term).  Please ensure that you inform your students of exam dates, times and locations with enough notice for them to do so.

Can students write deferred exams with your office?

Yes.  All deferred exams are treated like regular exams. Students should book their deferred exams with the SAS Exam Centre as soon as they are informed of the date and time.

Am I required to fill out an exam particular form for each student and each exam?

Yes, please fill out the Test/Exam form (also known as a Particular Form) as completely as possible.  This is to ensure that our staff invigilates the exam the same way you do.  To do this, we need you to confirm that all the exam details are correct on the particular form, such as exam date, length, and location.  In addition, we need to know details such as whether or not a student is able to use a calculator or other subject-specific tools, if a student can bring in any academic materials (i.e. Formula sheet, course notes, etc.) and if the student must hand in all the test material when they are finished.

If you are not able to fill out the particular form for a student, an email with the details outlined above is sufficient.  This format can also be helpful if you have multiple students in your course who are writing with our office and you would prefer not to fill out a form for each. 

Where Should I Drop Off Tests/Exams, and When?

Tests/exams can be delivered to the Student Accessibility Services Exam Centre at 155 University Centre in person, e-mailed to sasexams@umanitoba.ca or faxed to 204-261-7732 three (3) days prior to the scheduled exam date.

Some students who use our office require large printed tests or other alternate formats so receiving the exam in advance is required to ensure the student's materials are ready for them on the test day.

Final exams will be requested from the Registrar's Office when Student Accessibility Services receives a signed Particular Form. If an exam is not being printed by Registrar's Office, we will call instructors to request a copy of the exam.

How Does Student Accessibility Services Staff Ensure That Students Are Not Cheating?

Students will write in private or groups rooms booked by the Student Accessibility Services offices. These rooms usually have full length windows in the doors so that Student Accessibility Services staff can monitor the student who is writing.  If they do not, Student Accessibility Services staff check in on the students by entering the room frequently.

Students are not allowed to bring any books, bags, or other materials into the room with them unless the instructor has approved this on the test/exam form. All students will be asked if they have anything in their pockets, and will be asked to leave any materials with the SAS Exam Centre front desk, including any electronic communication devices such as cell phones, pagers, etc.

What If A Student Has Questions During the Test/Exam?

If the student has a question during the test/exam, the SAS Exam Centre will try and contact you by phone.  If you have a cell phone that can be called during the exam, please indicate the number on the exam particular form.  If you are not reachable by phone, the SAS invigilator will either walk with the student to the classroom where the test is being written or ask the student to write down the question and bring the question to you. If the student is writing at a different time from the class, it is helpful if you have a phone number where you can be reached if there are questions. The SAS Exam Centre welcomes instructors to stop by the office at any time during the test/exam to see if there are any questions.

If you are not available for questions during the time the student is writing your test with our office, the SAS invigilator will indicate any unanswered questions on the form that is returned to you with the exam.  In these cases, SAS asks that you grade the student’s exam with the understanding that he/she did not have access to you as the other students did.  If you have questions about this, a Student Accessibility Services advisor would be happy to discuss it with you.

How Will You Return The Completed Tests/Exams To Me?

Unless told otherwise, the SAS Exam Centre will deliver the completed test/exam to your department's general office the following day (except Fridays). This is a service provided by volunteers on campus. If you prefer to pick the exam, please inform the SAS Exam Centre and we will keep it on file until a member of your department is able to pick it up. If you require the test/exam to be returned to you quickly, the SAS Exam Centre can send it to you via on-campus courier at your expense.

What if I cannot find an exam written by a student through the Student Accessibility Services office?

Contact Student Accessibility Services as the exam may still be on file or have been delivered to your department office.

Please feel free to contact the Student Accessibility Services Exam Centre at 204-474-6213 to discuss any further test or examination-related questions.