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SAS Scheduler - Tests and Exams

SAS uses an online scheduler for letters of accommodation, test booking, and volunteer note-taking information. Access the SAS scheduler through the "Student Accessibility Services" link located on the right-hand side of your JUMP home screen. For detailed instructions visit: umanitoba.ca/student/saa/accessibility/sas-scheduler or contact the SAS Exam Centre at sasexams@umanitoba.ca or 204-474-6213.


Instructors will have the option to upload an electronic version of their test/exam directly to the SAS online scheduler – this is a secure portal and is a safe, quick, and guaranteed method of exam delivery.

Instructors have the option to e-mail/fax the test/exam to the SAS Exam Centre PRIOR TO the scheduled exam date. At times, SAS will request to have a copy of the test/exam 3 days PRIOR to the scheduled test/exam date. Some students who use our office require large printed tests or other alternate formats so receiving the exam in advance is required to ensure the student's materials are ready for them on the test day. Any exams printed by the Registrar's Office will be obtained directly from that office.


Students will usually write in private rooms within the SAS Exam Centre. These rooms have full length windows in the doors as well as mirrors so that SAS staff can monitor the student who is writing. Students are not allowed to bring any books, bags, or other materials into the room with them unless the instructor has approved this through the SAS online scheduler. All students will be asked if they have anything in their pockets, and will be asked to leave any materials with the SAS Exam Centre, including any electronic communication devices such as cell phones, etc.


If the student has a question during the test/exam, we will attempt to call you. If you have not left contact information, we will either walk with the student to the classroom where the test is being written or we will ask the student to write down the question and an invigilator will bring the question to you. If the student is writing at a different time from the class, it is helpful if you have a phone number where you can be reached if there are questions. We welcome instructors to stop by the SAS Exam Centre at any time during the test/exam to see if there are any questions!


Unless told otherwise, we will deliver the completed test/exam to your department's general office the following day (except Fridays). This is a service provided by volunteers on campus. If you prefer to pick the exam, please inform the SAS Exam Centre staff and we will keep it on file until a member of your department is able to pick it up. If you require the test/exam to be returned to you quickly, we can send it to you via on-campus courier at your cost. SAS requires all test/exams to be signed out, and we may ask for photo id.

If you have any other questions or comments, or would like a tour of the Student Accessibility Services Exam Centre, please call us at 204-474-6213. Thank you.

Volunteer note-taker request announcement

As part of the new SAS online systems, all instructors will be asked to make a volunteer note-taker (VNT) announcement in every class.


Student Accessibility Services is looking for volunteer note-takers for this class. If you would like to volunteer, and receive a reference letter for your time, please login to JUMP and click on the Student Accessibility Services link.

Volunteering is now easier than ever, you can upload notes directly to JUMP in the Student Accessibility Services portal. Thank you for your time.


Microsoft PowerPoint slide available to download here (PPTX).

Services for Staff & Faculty

Staff and faculty should contact Bryan Wiebe at Human Resources for assistance on-campus at: 204-474-7897.

On-Campus Van Service is booked through SAS for students or staff with mobility disabilities; please call the SAS Exam Centre at 204-474-6213.

Interpreting Services

Sign Language interpreters and Computerized Note-takers are available for other events on or off campus on a fee for service basis. Please contact the SAS office to find out more details if you have an event that requires an interpreter.

Accessibility – How is the U of M doing?

Have you noticed areas on campus that are not accessible? The University of Manitoba is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Please visit the Accessibility Hub to learn more about this and to provide your input and feedback. umanitoba.ca/admin/vp_admin/ofp/ohrcm/accessibility