COVID-19 Notice: Academic Supports Available
The Academic Learning Centre will continue to provide academic supports during the COVID-19 pandemic. All Academic Learning Centre supports including individual tutoring (in writing, content, study skills), Supplemental Instructions sessions, and workshops will be provided online until further notice.

Individual tutoring

The Academic Learning Centre writing, content, and study skills tutors are available for online tutoring or video conferencing via Cisco WebEx. Make an appointment for individual tutoring here:

To make a tutoring appointment:

  1. Go to
    • If it is your first time, click on “Register for an account.”
    • Fill out all fields, create a password, and choose your reminder preferences.
    • Use your @myumanitoba email address.
  2. Log in at
  3. Select a schedule based on the appointment type you are looking for.
    • Writing Skills: Elizabeth Dafoe Library is the default schedule displayed; use the drop-down menu to see other locations.
    • Study Skills, Content and Writing Tutoring: Migizii Agamik
  4. Choose an available appointment by clicking on an open (white) appointment block in the schedule. Blue or grey blocks in the schedule are unavailable.
  5. Complete the appointment form with information for the tutor.
  6. Click “Save Appointment.” Your appointment will now appear in yellow on the schedule, and you will receive a confirmation email. Please cancel your appointment online if you are unable to attend.

Writing tutoring: Undergraduate students should use the Elizabeth Dafoe Library, St. John's College Library, Tier, or Migizii Agamik schedules. Graduate students may use any schedule, but might prefer to submit their paper to a tutor in the Tier Building or Migizii Agamik schedules.

Students in History, Labour Studies, and Religion courses as well as graduate students in Education and Agricultural and Food Sciences can use their designated schedules.

Students must upload their paper as a Word accessible file (.rtf, .doc, or .docx) along with their assignment guidelines/instructions before the scheduled time of their appointment. Here are the instructions to upload your documents (PDF).

The writing tutor will review the paper at the time of the appointment and re-attach the file, with comments, to the appointment. Students should also receive a copy of their paper (renamed "Access") in an email with the subject "New File Available: University of Manitoba Academic Learning Centre."

Content and study skills tutoring: Students should make appointments on the Migizii Agamik schedule for content and study skills tutoring. For content tutoring, students should  click on an empty (white) space to read the tutors' biographies and find a tutor who provides tutoring in the desired course. All ALC tutors at Migizii Agamik can provide study skills tutoring.

Video Conferencing with Content/Study skills tutors: Students can make an appointment with the tutor in the Migizii Agamik schedule as usual. At the start of the appointment, the tutor will send the student a link to a Cisco WebEx conference. Clicking on that link will take the student to the WebEx online meeting. Students do not need a Cisco WebEx account to join a meeting, but we strongly encourage students to register and familiarize themselves with this platform, as it is the one used in most UMLearn courses. Students need to have access to a device (phone, laptop, Ipad, etc.) with video and audio capability.

English as an additional language (EAL) support: Make an appointment with Antoanela in the Migizii Agamik schedule.

Number of appointments per week: Students can access a maximum of 1 hour of tutoring in a week (either two 30-minute appointments OR one 60-minute appointment, depending on appointment type).

Take-home tests and exams: Tutors need your instructor’s written permission before they can work with you on a take-home test or exam.

Email address: Students must use their UM or ICM email address to register and login to WCOnline.

For help: Send an email to

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI leaders will continue to provide Supplemental Instruction sessions online for
CHEM 1300, CHEM 1310, CHEM 2210, CHEM 2220, COMP 1012, ENG 1460
Announcements about session times will be posted via UM Learn.


The following workshops are available as online videos and PDFs

  • Problem Solving
  • The GUESS Problem Solving Method
  • Taking Class Notes
  • Reading Textbooks
  • Organizing Your Time Effectively
  • Writing Multiple Choice Tests
  • Writing an Academic Paper
  • Reading Journal Articles

Tip sheets: Find downloadable, printable tip sheets here.

  • Academic Writing
  • Citing and Referencing
  • Grammar
  • Tests / Exams
  • Reading
  • Learning and Memory
  • Note Taking
  • Time Management
  • Math and Problem Solving Courses
  • Studying and Self-Care

Student Employment Opportunities

The Academic Learning Centre is hiring student staff for Fall 2020.

View more information about student jobs with the Academic Learning Centre