First Year Centre Handbook

The Advising Handbook (PDF) is used as a training tool and a point of reference by the First Year Centre (FYC) academic advisors. This document is a valuable tool in guiding our advising practice and supporting students in academic success. The handbook is divided into five sections:

  • Section 1: Overview of the FYC, its values, mission, and responsibilities.
  • Section 2: Defines student development theories and divides them into four categories: psychosocial theories, cognitive-structural theories, person-environment interaction theories, and typology theories.
  • Section 3: Focuses on different types of advising approaches with consideration of the major advising components. Advising in the FYC is strongly rooted in developmental advising and as such, this section of the handbook highlights how the FYC academic advisors engage with students and support their success.
  • Section 4: Discusses advising responsibilities and procedures, an overview of student traffic at different times of the academic year, and the structure of an advising session This section focuses on how advisors work with students to facilitate their development by helping them make informed decisions pertaining to their personal and academic goals.
  • Section 5: Focuses on advising skills, specifically interpersonal communication skills including interviewing, problem solving/diagnostic, decision making/judgment, and referral skills.

If you have interest in adapting this handbook for use in your unit, please feel free; however, we kindly ask that the work done by the current and former staff in the FYC be acknowledged. We hope that you find the information in the handbook useful and engaging.