Terms of Reference

The Support Staff Endowment Fund is a University trust, established in 1986 to support activities and projects, which promote excellence among the members of the Support Staff at the University of Manitoba. The Support Staff Endowment Fund Advisory Committee (hereafter known as SSEF Committee) shall have the discretion to supervise and direct the disbursement of the interest income of this fund.

The work of the committee shall be divided into six areas consisting of but not limited to: Finance, Secretarial, Learning Exchange, Communications, Day Events, Membership. A description of each role is available from the SSEF Committee. By creating and facilitating valued supports such as learning exchanges, field trips, and offering financial awards, the committee shall create multiple ways for university support staff to prosper, flourish, be recognized and contribute to an outstanding work environment.

Membership: A call for applications for new members will be made annually, or as needed. Members shall be selected to provide a fair and equitable representation of the University of Manitoba Support Staff community including union members and non-unionized staff, and support staff from Bannatyne and Fort Garry or other campuses. There shall be a minimum of ten members on the committee. The quorum shall be 50% of the members. If a vacancy occurs during a term, the Committee may appoint, or call for applications, a new member to complete the term. The Committee may request the resignation of any member who has not attended three consecutive meetings.

Term of Service: Members shall serve for a three-year term, renewable for one year annually thereafter. The roles of Co-chairs, Treasurer, and other roles as determined by the committee, shall be appointed to their position annually. The maximum continuous length of service for any committee member will be six years.

Principles for Distribution of the Fund:

1. There shall be no encroachment on the capital of the fund. Only interest income may be used to fund awards.
2. All or a portion of the interest income may be reinvested in the fund at the discretion of the committee.
3. Interest income need not be disbursed in the year in which it is earned.
4. The committee shall meet at least three times a year.

Fund Stewardship:

The committee will annually engage Donor Relations in seeking ongoing support to
increase the capital in the Support Staff Endowment Fund.

Date Approved
:  May 1986

October 1990, November 1990, February 1994,
January 1998, February 2000, October 2004,
January 2005, May 2006, June 2011, September 2020