While not currently offering degree programs in theology, St John’s College is pleased to partner with the Anglican Diocese of Rupert’s Land, the Canadian Mennonite University, the Centre for Christian Studies, St. Margaret’s Ecclesial University Project and other partners in offering opportunities for theological study in both formal and less formal ways.

During the 2021-22 academic year, St John’s College will co-sponsor three theological courses with Canadian Mennonite University (who will be granting the course credit). Dates are yet to be confirmed. Note that due to the uncertainty regarding COVID-19 pandemic measures, courses may be online, in-person or a hybrid of the two. For updated information, please contact the instructor or the Rev. Dr. Heather McCance.

Fall 2021: Indigenous Christian Theology (Instructors: Barbara Shoomski and Tanis Kolisnyk)

This 35-hour intensive course will provide students with a foundation of understanding of the spiritual knowledge of Indigenous peoples on the Land that we find ourselves today. Two Indigenous instructors will examine Indigenous wisdom within the context of Christian belief, while honouring Indigenous and Christian ways of knowing God. Students will have the opportunity to enhance their own theological understanding of Indigenous spiritual practice, while respectfully affirming Indigenous beliefs within God's creation and love manifest through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Fall 2021: History of the English Church (Instructors: David Widdicombe and Bonnie Dowling)

This course is a survey of the history of the Church in England. By the end of the course students should be able to exhibit a sympathetic but critical understanding of the major movements and ideas in Anglican history, a general sense of the sequence of events in Anglican history and an increased familiarity with some of the classical primary literature in the tradition. This course is offered in partnership with the Ecclesial University Project of St. Margaret’s Anglican Church in Winnipeg.

Winter 2022: Anglican Approaches to Scripture: Figuralism and Typology (Instructor: Graham MacFarlane)

Figural or typological reading of the Bible was the standard in the premodern era but became controversial in the modern period. Drawing on many test cases, the course explores the theological principles and issues underlying this traditional hermeneutical practice.

Each of the above courses can be taken for credit, or on a formal audit basis, or for your own personal formation. For information on how to register, please contact the Rev. Dr. Heather McCance.

Additionally, there are plans for a non-credit course in the Practice of Anglican Liturgy for the winter term of 2022.

The Council for Theological Education, a joint council of the College and the Diocese, is chaired by St John’s Warden, Dr. Christopher Trott.

Inquiries about theological education at St. John’s College can be directed to the Rev. Dr. Heather McCance. Dr. McCance’s position as Diocesan Ministry Developer for Rupert’s Land is jointly sponsored by the Diocese of Rupert’s Land and St John’s College.