Indigenous Designer in Residence

Sébastien Aubin Appointed

The School of Art at the University of Manitoba is proud to welcome Sébastien Aubin as Indigenous Designer in Residence. Sébastien will be in residence from September 2017 to February 2018, developing projects and working on new creative research.

Sébastien is a proud member of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation in Manitoba. Having worked for some of the most prestigious design studios in Canada, Sébastien is currently a freelance graphic artist, based in Montreal. He has designed publications for numerous artists, organizations, and art galleries in Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba, including Terrance Houle, KC Adams, the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, the Carleton University Art Gallery, and the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba. He is a founding member of the ITWÉ Collective, which is dedicated to researching, creating, and educating audiences about Indigenous digital culture. He is also part of the AM Collective, which creates works that revolve around the imagination to spark dialogue on subjects that relate to everyday life and emotion.

During the six-month residency, Sébastien will interact closely with students and faculty, working towards two primary and equally important roles. First, as an active and engaged interdisciplinary designer, he will produce a body of new creative work and research, which extends our relationship to, and understanding of design, media and visual communication. Second, he will assume an important pedagogical role, by introducing new ways of thinking, new perspectives and new knowledge to course content and future course development, as well as to faculty governance and planning and strategies. Sébastien’s residency will culminate in an exhibition of new work. In addition to the exhibition, School of Art will host a variety of events in conjunction with and in support of the residency with the aim of establishing a multi-layered exchange of culture, ideas, creative practices and knowledge on campus, in the Winnipeg arts community, and among Manitoba Indigenous communities. 

Dates of Residency
September 2017
to February 2018.

School of Art,

University of Manitoba