University of Manitoba - School of Art - Indigenous Designer in Residence
Indigenous Designer in Residence

Justin Bear L'Arrivee, Designer in Residence


Dates of Residency
March 18, 2019
to April 5, 2019.


The School of Art is happy to welcome Justin Bear L’Arrivee as Designer in Residence, from March 18–April 5, 2019. During this time, Justin will be working on a new critical design project entitled Wîhtikowkan, which will include the design of an Action Figure Character and Packaging; Sundance / Ceremony “Kits”; T-shirts; Serigraph Posters. Justin will also be interacting with students through in-class critiques and by holding open-studio hours at his ArtLab studio. Justin will give a Designer Lecture, open to the public and will lead a screen printing workshop, for students. 




Wîhtikowkan is a backwards spirit. They do things all the wrong ways, upside down, in the wrong order, speaking in reverse, and always breaking the rules. In this way, they remind us to be critical of the everyday.  The critical design project ‘Wîhtikowkan’ considers ways that consumer culture can act as a critical vehicle for traditional storytelling. 


Public Lecture with Justin L’Arrivee

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


ArtLab Room 368


Screen Printing Workshop with Justin L’Arrivee

Wednesday, April 3 & 4, 2019


ArtLab Screen Printing Studio

Note: limited spaces are available; all materials are provided and there is no cost for SoA students to attend. Please email Professor Daniel McCafferty if your plan on attending. Participants must attend both sessions.


Justin Bear L’Arrivee is a Cree and Métis graphic designer, community worker and activist. 

He uses design to help revitalize communities through youth programming and work with not-for-profits groups supporting indigenous movements. Justin is a graduate of Urban and Inner-City Studies at the University of Winnipeg and is a founding member and designer of Red Rising Magazine. He has have worked closely in the not-for-profit sector at organizations like Southeast Child-and Family Services, The W.R.E.N.C.H., Circle of Life Thunderbird House, and Martha Street Studio. 


Please contact Professor Daniel McCafferty with any questions.