Those Who Stayed: 1960-1970

October 16 - November 16, 1994

"Winnipeg has been a city in which pluralism reigns. In this exhibition there are examples of surreal and whimsical figurative painting, hard edge and painterly abstraction, pop and concepual art and sophisticated work in ceramics." Robert McKaskell

Those Who Stayed featured works by artists who were associated with the School of Art, both students and staff, in the 1950s and 1960s and continued their artistic practice in Winnipeg.

Featuring works by Bob Achtemichuk, Kenneth Chernavitch, Steve Czernecki, Dale Amundson, Robert Archambeau, Jeryr Bone, Robert Bruce, Brad Caslor, Ivan Eyre, Jeff Funnell, Ted Howorth, Stephen Jackson, Jim Jordan, Bill Lobchuk, Kathy Long, Leonard Marcoe, Michael Olito, Luther Pokrant, Don Proch, Bill Pura, Don Reivhert, Arnold Saper, Charles Scott, Ann Smith, Marika Sokulski, George Swinton, Charlotte Werner, Richard Williams

Those Who Stayed: 1960-1970 Catalogue [PDF]