Eva Stubbs

October 28 - November 21, 1984

The figure is the basis of all the recent work of Eva Stubbs, for the figure is the strongest carrier fo the message of three dimensional form available to the artist. A plane, a line, a surface colour, so long as it has hint of human form, carries with it the power of the volumes it describes. Stubbs’ sculpture lives in the delicate balance between the expressive power of pure line and two dimensional form, while retaining the echoes of three dimensional weight of the human body. It speaks of motion and emotion through the powerful language of form, line, and volume, and of humanity through the spirit of the human form.

Eva Stubbs was born in Hungary and lived in many parts of the world before emigrating to Canada in her teens. She is a graduate of the School of art, University of Manitoba, and has been working as a professional artist in Winnipeg for many years. 

Dale Amundson, Curator.

Grace Thompson, Assistant curator.

Eva Stubbs Catalogue [PDF]