Video and Orality

December 10, 1992 - February 28, 1993

Curated by Jean Gagnon & circulated by National Gallery of Canada

Featuring works by Richard Serra, Maxi Choen, Tom Sherman, Lynn Hershman, Mona Haoum, Serge Murphy, Charles Guilbert, Lisa Steele, Muntadas

Video and Orality is a National Gallery of Canada exhibition curated by Jean Gagnon. It included nine videos and one installation produced between 1974 and 1990 in Toronto, Montreal, New York and London, England.

"Each of the videotapes testifies to the importance of orality, whether in the form of confession, confidence, monologue, or dialogue; what matters here is what is being played for the camera and the viewer. The tapes demonstrate the key role of orality in human relations, in the lively speeches of everyday life." Jean Gagnon