A Multiplicity of Voices: Work by Manitoba Women Artists

March 4 - 29, 1987

Works by: Eleanor Bond, Sheila Butler, Susan Chafe, Aganetha Dyck, Joanne Jackson Johnson, G. N. Louise Jonasson, Wanda Koop. Rosemary Kowalsky, Laura Letinsky, Kim Oulette, Donnely Smallwood, Reva Stone, Diane Whitehouse


"This exhibition was inspired by a desire to document the current practice of Manitoba women artists. It also offers an occasion for considering their work in terms of its contributionto feminist discourse — a project that seems long overdue considering the ambitious and dynamic level of activity that characterizes the women's art community here. Our intent necessitated a curatorial approach that was inclusive rather than exclusive, responsive rather than perscriptive. As a result, the exhibition includes a wide range of work in terms of media, approach and subject matter. It also represents the work of recent art school graduates as well as that of senior and established artists."

Curated by Sigrid Dahle, Gallery 111 in cooperation with Mentoring Artists for Women's Art and Plug In Gallery.

A Multiplicity of Voices: Work by Manitoba Women Artists Catalogue [PDF]