The Mid-Western 1976

May 27 - October 31, 1976

Mid 1970s. Not a Gallery 111 show; a juried exhibition of Canadian and American prairie artists.

The Mid-Western 1976 Juried Exhibition drew a very large response - more than 700 Canadian and 125 American entries - and the resulting exhibition is varied, stimulating and of an extremely high quality.
The Winnipeg Art Gallery would particularly like to thank all the artists who submitted to the MID-WESTERN.  Such a gratifying interest has ultimately determined the success of the exhibition. 
WE would also like to thank the Manisphere awards; as well as the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts, The Bank of Nova Scotia, James Richardson and Sons, Thorne Riddell and Co., and the Manitoba Art Council for generously providing scholarships. 
The American segment of the exhibition is assisted by a jointly supported grant from the North Dakota Council on the Arts and Humanities and the National Endorsement for the Arts in Washington, D.C., a Federal Agency created by Act of Congress in 1965.