American Art in Winnipeg Collections

September 16 - October 5, 1976

Works by Josef Albers, Shusaku Arakawa, Milton Avery, David Barr, Mary Cassatt, David Diao, Sam Gilliam, Adolph Gottleib, Hans Hofmann, Paul Jenkins, Ynez Johnston, Richard Linder, Marisol, Si Buscema, William McCloy, Louise Nevelson, Jules Olitski, Tom Wesselman, John Romita, Louis Tiffany

"The original impetus to organize this exhibition was a wish to mark the occasion of the United States Bicentennial. Our primary purpose for the display of these works in Gallery 1.1.1. is to provide our students with an opportunity to view original works of art by artists whom they have previously only had the opportunity to study through photographs and slides."

The few collectors of American art in Winnipeg have, almost without exception, been interested in contemporary movements; the selection of works here reflects this fact.  Rather than a survey of the development of American art, we have been pleased to find paintings by such influential masters as Milton Avery, Hans Hofmann and Josef Albers." They and their pupils have established international reputations, and indeed have had an impact on the development of Canadian art. 

We are deeply grateful for the generosity and interest of the Winnipeg collectors who have lent us works from their homes.  As well, we would like to extend our warm thanks to Mrs. Fay Settler of the Curiosity Shop and Upstairs Gallery, and to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, for their kind co-operation. 

Curated by Marilyn Baker and Ann Cameron

American Art in Winnipeg Collections Catalogue [PDF]