Ferdinand Spindel: Sculptures and Drawings

January 12 - February 8, 1980

"His 'schaumstoff' (commercial rubber or plastic foam sheets) reliefs are his most recent sculptures. He has in fact painted oveer some earlier foam works in exploring new formal relationships within the sculptures... Having temporarily 'used up' his supply of foam, he turned to an old pair of corduroy trousers and promptly shaped them into sculptures. This sense of spontaneity and the 'eye' to see art in diverse materials is a reflection of Spindel's semsitivity and qaulity of imagination. These qualities are also reflected in his drawings. Strongly reminiscent of his sculpture they are however unique in their forms... an amalgamation of the baroque with surrealist and structural tendencies." Daniel Mato, curator.

Ferdinand Spindel: Sculptures and Drawings Catalogue [PDF]