19th Century Japanese Woodblock Prints

October 18-November 5, 1973

Works by Toyokuni, Kuniyoshi, Hiroshige, Yoshiku

Sales exhibition of original 19th century Japanese woodblock prints rganized by Roten Galleries in Baltimore.

This exhibition from the Roten Galleries in Baltimore, Maryland consists of 57 prints by such masters of the colour woodblock as Toykuni, Kuniyoshi, Hiroshige and Yoshiku.

The Ukiyo-e prints of the early and mid-ninteenth century are unique illustrations of important aspects of Japanese popular culture. As early as 1800 "Ukiyo-e" became a descriptive word indicating a devotion to the daily pleasures and amusements - of the fads and whims of the day - without any concern for the future. Images selected for the exhibition show the Kabuki theatre and other popular entertainment of the time.