The Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop: A Print Legend

September 10 - December 4, 1983

"The exhibition, 'The Print Legend' in Winnipeg has been divided into two parts, the largest portion to be shown in the Ukrainian Cultural and Educations Centre. This contains work by all of the artists selected for the exhibition. The work shown at Gallery 111 at the School of Art, University of Manitoba contains works by those artists who have been printed at the shop and who have graduated from the school. It is part of a series of exhibitions featuring graduates of the school. 'The Print Legend' is the first such show to feature the work of former students who have explored the medium of silkscreen in any formal manner."Chris Finn, curator.

Works by: Judith Allsopp, Pierre Ayot, Louis Bako, Jackson Beardy, Gordon Bonnell, Kelly Clark, Ivan Erye, Joe Fafard, Chris Finn, Randy Gledhill, General Idea, E.J. Howarth, John Greer, Alex Janvier, Larry Kissick, Winston Leathers, Gordon LeBredt, Glenn Lewis, Bill Lobchuck, Daphne Odjig, Don Proch, Tony Tascona, David Thauberger, Marsha Wineman, Russ Yuristy

Exhibited at the Ukrainian Cultrural and Education Centre & Gallery 111

The Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop: A Print Legend Catalogue [PDF]