Brian Fisher: Recent Paintings

- March 23, 1966

"A skilful converging, diverging impressing and depressing of line and sometimes a use of colour, can turn a two dimensional, barren, unfeeling canvas into a living, emotional reality. This what happened with the Brian Fisher canvases which were on display until March 23 in Gallery III, University of Manitoba school of Art..." wrote Cynthia Gunn in the March 26, 1966 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press.

Brian Fisher was born in 1939 in London, England, and came to Canada with his Canadian parents the following year. He studied art at the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus, and the Vancouver School of Art. In 1961 he went to study at the Academia de Belle Arti, where his education was supported by scholarships from the Italian government and the Canada Council. He died in Adelaide, Australia in 2012. He had lived there since 1983. - Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting]