Sharon Zenith Corne: Taboo Images

January 22 - February 9, 1984

“These paintings and drawings correspond to a metamorphosis in my personal life. As I became increasingly aware of society’s devaluation of women, I was filled with anger and frustration. These feelings prodded me into an exploration of female experience and identity, which manifested itself in a series of body images of genitalia and reproductive organs. The sexuality of this work became a metaphor for more basic and important themes- the psychological rape of women and the relationship between men and women in our society …” Sharron Zenith Corne, artist statement for Wombs and Phalluses, 1981, Powerhouse, Montreal

“Gallery 1.1.1. views this exhibition and catalogue as important for two reasons. First, since 1975 there have been few feminist art exhibitions produced and fewer catalogues published in Canada that contribute to an awareness of women’s culture…

"Second, although Sharron Zenith Corne’s choice of sexual imagery is not unusual among feminist artists, the psychoanalytic content of her images is rarely dealt with by visual artists. It is interesting to note how she merges universal women’s concerns with her own personal sensibility, choosing media and forms best suited to reveal unconscious female imagery.”
-Grace Eiko Thompson, curator.

Sharon Zenith Corne: Taboo Images Catalogue [PDF]