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The new hub of the School of Art, this state-of-the-art structure houses studios for drawing, painting, video and print media, the MACLab, smart classrooms for art history and studio lectures. A large, smart lecture theatre seats 147 people and is suitable for performances or projection programming. Students from all areas of the School have access to tool and equipment cribs, a wood shop, and professional quality digital printing facilities. The School of Art Gallery (formerly Gallery One One One) and its collections occupy a new, expanded space on the main level. ARTlab is also the home of the School's administrative offices and facilities.



ARTlab studios feature walls of windows that supply students with ambient north light and a view of a park-like quad. The well-ventilated studios are outfitted with drawing benches, tables, easels, and model stands designed and manufactured for the School of Art. Studio activities extend into corridors that double as exhibition spaces to showcase work produced within classes.



Students enrolled in graphic design courses meet in the MACLab computer classroom. They have access to the MACLab facilities, software and equipment both during and outside of class. A more complete description of digital equipment, services and amenities is available in the MACLab digital production section (see below).



The MACLab provides facilities to create digital works in photography, graphic design, web design, and video. It includes a classroom and a student lounge as well as a media crib with equipment that students may borrow to produce their projects.

The classroom is outfitted with 24 - 27" iMacs with 24GB RAM. An array of software is available to students in addition to Adobe Creative Suite (CS 6), Final Cut Pro X, Microsoft Office 2016. The MACLab lounge provides out-of-classroom access to identical equipment, and this is where students will find a Xerox colour work centre and two Epson flatbed scanners with maximum scan area of 12" x 17" and film scanning capability.

In the print room, students will find large-format printing capability on Epson photo quality printers with maximum print size of 64" wide. Recently, a 64" vinyl cutter for intricate cuts from digital files on vinyl and paper has been added to our equipment. In addition, a digital workstation is provided for print media students.

For more information, Visit our MAClab Digital Production page >>



Photography students may work in both traditional and digital technologies and our facilities are currently split between ARTlab and Taché Hall. The Digital MAClab classroom, MAClab Digital Production area and Lighting Studio facilities are located in the ARTlab Building, and the traditional Darkrooms and Media Crib facilities in Taché Hall. The MACLab classroom supports lectures, scanning and digital workflow; the MACLab Digital Production area provides a range of digital print outputs, while the Lighting Studio in ARTlab offers an additional space and equipment for projects requiring a studio lighting set-up. The School of Art is pleased to offer brand-new Colour and Black & White Darkrooms including: six individual-use colour enlarging rooms, a communal-use black and white darkroom with fifteen enlargers, an alternative processing room, film loading room, a naturally lit film developing room. All rooms are equipped with full-size stainless steel communal-use sinks, hardware with temperature controlled water and state of the art ventilation and safety lights. The Media Crib offers students access to digital and film equipment as well as lighting kits, and audio visual equipment.

The Lighting Studio is a bookable space with natural light and black out curtains. The Studio is equipped with a great selection of strobe and hot lights, multiple backdrops, scrims, soft boxes and accessories. In addition, the studio comes with a boom lighting rig, copy stand, seamless 3D lighting table and 3D Cocoon.


The Print Media studio, located on the fourth floor of ARTlab, is equipped for printing in a range of mediums, including intaglio, lithography, relief, and silkscreen, while newly acquired equipment offers students the opportunity to explore papermaking.

The facility has intaglio and lithographic presses and a photographic darkroom for preparation of film transparencies. The intaglio presses include a 40" x 72" Takach-Garfield press. There are areas for paper preparation and plate wiping, as well as an acid room containing etchants for copper, zinc, and aluminum. Lithography equipment includes large Charles Brand presses and a smaller Takach-Garfield machine. An exceptional collection of lithographic limestones includes six 30" x 40" stones as well as many mid-size and smaller ones. Silkscreen facilities include standard printing stations. Water-based materials are used for all silkscreen processes, and a selection of screen sizes is available.

Students who wish to create digital “plates” or negatives will find a dedicated computer workstation in the MACLab print room.

The new papermaking lab includes a David Reina Hollander beater and dryer and a Howard Clark press.

The Print Media studio is working towards a non-toxic environment with the introduction of safer materials and practices. Some traditional materials remain but are being replaced with more environmentally sustainable alternatives. We are continuing to experiment with greener for a safer working studio.

Print Media maintains a large archival collection of prints produced by former students since the 1950s. A project to document and catalogue this project is ongoing and will become the print archive library.



Video students also use MACLab classroom and MACLab digital production facilities and equipment to realize their projects and assignments. Production equipment includes high definition video cameras and variety of other cameras. For lighting and grip, a Lowell kit and Strand lighting kit are available. AKG c1000s microphones and other dynamic microphones and accessories are also available. Students may borrow equipment from the Media Crib.

Future plans for video production include the development of the ARTlab soundstage located on the ground floor.



Students have access to a fully equipped woodshop – SawStop table saw, panel saw, two band saws, compound miter saw, router table, disc and belt sanders – and a tool crib with 200 lendable hand tools.

Once students complete shop safety training, the area technician ensures that students are able to construct stretchers or fabricate objects to fulfill assignments.