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Stephen Grimmer

Kevin Kelly

Steven Nunoda

Alex Poruchnyk

Kirk Warren
MAZE: Stephen Grimmer, Kevin Kelly, Steven Nunoda, 
Alex Poruchnyk, Kirk Warren

ABOVE: Kevin Kelly, Rhizome Holes, oil on linen, 3'x5.5', 2006.

MAZE Stephen Grimmer, Kevin Kelly, Steven Nunoda, Alex Poruchnyk, Kirk Warren

3 June to 11 September, 2008

CLOSING RECEPTION: Thursday, 11 September, 5-8 PM

MAZE is an exhibition that brings together work in various media by several artists who are or who have recently been "tenure-track" faculty members at the University of Manitoba School of Art.

As artist Stephen Grimmer puts it: "Tenure refers to a lifetime-appointment to a university research position. It means that a professor is free to pursue lines of inquiry and study that may prove to be unpopular or discomforting to those in authority without fear of termination. It is an exceptionally high stakes offer on the part of the university and a high stakes undertaking on the part of the researcher...The young faculty member (in a tenure-track position) has a short time to demonstrate excellence in research and to establish a significant track record. There is only one chance to go up for tenure; one either is offered lifetime employment or is terminated."

Stephen Grimmer, Kevin Kelly, Steven Nunoda, Alex Poruchnyk, and Kirk Warren are part of a new generation at the School of Art. They all have histories as academics, but becoming "tenure-track" at a university presents special opportunities and challenges that each of them addresses in a different way. Also, like many other academics, their art is related to their teaching and university service in complex ways.

The website interviews and commentary for this exhibition will attempt to introduce these artists to both the university in which they work and the wider art community by focussing on their "research," that is, their art.

This show is related to a long term Gallery One One One endeavour called Art School Anatomies initiated by Dick Averns, Cliff Eyland, Natalija Subotincic and Jeanne Randolph that is investigating art, artists and the contemporary art school.

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