Re: Collecting Recent Acquisitions from the Permanent Collection

January 8 - February 9, 2018
Exhibition Reception
February 7, 4:30 - 7:00 pm

The School of Art Gallery is the grateful beneficiary of the generous impulses of art owners to redistribute objects from their private collections to public collections to share with scholars, art viewers, and the general public. In 2012 when the School of Art Gallery, then Gallery One One, moved to its new facilities in ARTlab, it came to a gallery that was twice the size of the old space, and to new collection vaults that more than doubled the storage space for artworks.

The expanded space has afforded opportunities to enlarge the permanent collection, and with the exhibition, Re: Collecting Recent Acquisitions from the Permanent Collection, the Gallery offers a survey of some of the new works that have found a place in our vaults. At the same time, the Gallery acknowledges the individuals whose generosity allows us to make these works available for study and for viewing.

The primary focus of the School of Art Gallery’s permanent collection is to "enrich the collection of Manitoba art to maintain a representative selection of the best Manitoba art, and in particular, the work of those associated with the School of Art, such as present and former staff members as well as former students."

Although it wasn’t an organizing principle for the exhibition, the Gallery kept in mind interconnections between artists who were represented within the donations; artists who collaborated, artists who were students at the same time, artists who were student and teacher, and ultimately, their links to the School of Art and to the Winnipeg art community and its history.

 Collect - Tanabe


Collect - Plaskett

Donors of exhibition works

Alumni Association
Dr. Stefan Carter in memory
   of Emilee N. Horn (Carter)
John Crabb
Nolan Grubert
Robert Hucal
Dr. Marion Lewis


Mary Lochhead
Douglas Proch
Norman Schmidt
Eva Stubbs
Takao Tanabe
Tony Tascona and Doreen Millin
Meeka Walsh

Collect - Martin

Images: (Top to bottom)

Eva Stubbs, No. 57, Frieze, from the Nude Series, 1994, charcoal and conté on paper, 608 x 203 cm

Takao Tanabe, untitled (banner), 1968, nylon, 90 x 170 cm.
Gift of Meeka Walsh. 14.137

Joseph Plaskett, untitled, 1948, oil on canvas board, 70 x 55 cm.
Gift of Takao Tanabe. 14.141

Jane Martin. Room #5, 1982, oil on masonite, 61 x 51 cm.
Gift of Tony Tascona and Doreen Millin. 13.048

Robert A. Nelson, The Dancer, 1955, oil on canvas, 98 x 98 cm.
Gift of Dr. Marion Lewis. 2016.001

Collect - Nelson

Donor Recognition Series, 2010

In 2010 the Gallery presented The Donor Recognition Series, a series of exhibition to showcase some significant collections donated to the permanent collection by private donors. Click here to learn more about the series, and the permanent collection.