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2017 MFA Thesis Exhibitions
The School of Art and School of Art Gallery are pleased to present thesis exhibitions and oral examinations by Master of Fine Art students in two parts: 3... 2.. 1. Chaos: Mallory Donen, Bonnie Marin, and Pancho Puelles; with the second exhibition, Make Life Still, including works by Hassan Kamali JamilLori Lofgren and Kelley Morrell. All events are free and open to the public.

Make Life Still

June 13 - 23, 2017
Reception: June 16, 6:30 pm - 8:30  pm

3... 2.. 1. Chaos

May 23 - June 2, 2017,
Reception: May 26, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Mallory Donen: I Come From a Long Line of Machines

I Come From a Long Line of Machines investigates the repetitive processes of embroidery, finger knitting, and digital-image making using Photoshop, and how they are similar in their use of mechanical systems. Donen embraces systematic processes in order to create art that is similar to that of a programmed machine. She wants to show how machines and humans are alike.

Mallory Donen is an interdisciplinary artist from White Rock, BC. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of the Fraser Valley, where she specialized in photography, painting/drawing, and print media. Currently, she is completing her MFA at the University of Manitoba. Donen is the 2016/17 recipient of the Marvin and Irma Penn Scholarship of Fine Arts. 

Oral Exam: May 23, 10:00 am, School of Art Gallery

Image (middle): Mallory Donen, 2017, InstructionTable 3.2_v1.jpg, archival metal inkjet print, 22" x 30"

Bonnie Marin: Things You Can't Outrun
The artwork in Bonnie Marin’s thesis exhibition deals with pain and loss as it relates to death. Each work represents a fragmented narrative that invites the viewer to translate his or her own personal stories through her imagery. Her work is created in the genre of Surrealism and built through the use of found objects combined with wood, wax, and paint.

Bonnie Marin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba. Throughout her career she has exhibited her work nationally including Winnipeg, Brandon, Toronto, Calgary and London, and internationally including, New York, Chicago, Miami, Paris, Munich, Dundee, Tasmania, and Brisbane. Her work is in such collections as the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the National Art Bank, Plug In ICA, and The Glenbow Museum. Her artwork has been featured on the cover of both Swerve and Herizons magazines. She has received both Winnipeg Arts Council Grants and Manitoba Arts Council Grants.

Oral Exam: May 25, 10:00 am, School of Art Gallery

Image (top): Bonnie Marin, The Oval Portrait, 2017, mixed media.  

Pancho Puelles: Seeing Between the Lines; Art of Survival
Pancho’s thesis exhibition work consists of two large works of art: a multi-media sculpture and an installation, both emphasizing social political statements. His work expresses and reflects a wide range of personal and artistic influences. Through thought-provoking multi-media installations, he encourages dialogue regarding social change.
Pancho works with a variety of media to convey his artistic vision, including found objects, music, photography, ceramics, painting and sculpture.

Originally from Chile, Pancho came to Canada in 1977. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree from the University of Manitoba in 2013.

Oral Exam: May 24, 2:00 pm, School of Art Gallery

Image (bottom): Pancho Puelles, Pain Maker, 2017, copper, wood, 12' x 12' x 10' h

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Make Life Still
June 13 - 23, 2017
Reception: June 16, 6:30 pm - 8:30  pm

Hassan Kamali Jamil: Alternate Reality
Alternate Reality is a psychoanalytic study in self-portraiture in light of a mirroring notion that can materialize thoughts and emotions, and represent out-of-place reflections of the portrait, surrounded by symbolically charged forms of animals and organic shapes. The mirrored image is in a permanent state of becoming, with death being the only concept that is absent. In this mirroring notion, the relationship between human and nature is a vision of humankind living in harmony with nature in a way that defies reality.

Hassan Kamali Jamil received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, and high school diploma in Graphic Design from Iran. He worked as a painter in conjunction with the art galleries in Tehran, his hometown, before coming to Canada. During his Master of Fine Art studies at University of Manitoba, he explored the study of self-portraiture through painting and drawing.

Oral Exam:
June 14, 10:00 am, School of Art Gallery

Image (top) Hassan Kamali Jamil, Untitled, 2016, 27"x20", oil on paper

Lori Lofgren: Duality
Lori Lofgren’s thesis exhibition work investigates how light and shadow can alter our emotional perspectives, and change how we feel in our ostensibly safe places. A series of small-scale sculptures with their large-scale photographic counterparts, represents the dualities of emotion in relation to environment, scale, and the uncanny. Each piece is a representation of the moment immediately before, or following, a disturbing event.

Lori Lofgren specialized in Drawing and Graphic Design during her Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota. Lori also received a Visual Art Diploma from Red Deer College in Red Deer, Alberta, and a Diploma in Graphic Design from Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Lori is currently living in Winnipeg, where she is completing her Masters of Fine Art at the University of Manitoba. She was the recipient for the 2016/17 David and Gursh Barnard Graduate Scholarship in Fine Arts.

Oral Exam: June 14, 2:00 pm, School of Art Gallery

Image (middle): Lori Lofgren, The Hallway, photograph, 48”x32”, 2017

Kelley Morrell: Wāst
Wāst is a sculptural installation that evolved from a 54-week exploration in weight loss. Plaster body casts of the artist’s torso were made at intervals during the year to document physical changes as he attempted to lose ¼ of his body weight. The research and resulting pieces were generated as the artist processed thoughts on accumulation, loss and identity.

Kelley Morrell is an educator and an interdisciplinary artist with a holistic approach to life and art. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Education at Lakehead University and is currently completing a Masters in Fine Art at the University of Manitoba. He recently returned from New Zealand following a three-month mentorship with monumental landscape artist Chris Booth, and Morrell’s work is now featured in the Wharepuke Sculpture Park in Kerikeri, New Zealand. He is consistently a finalist in the annual Kenora Winter Carnival Snow Sculpting Competition. His random interventions exist throughout the places he has encountered.

Oral Exam: June 16, 2:30 pm, School of Art Gallery

Image (bottom): Kelley Morrell: Wāst (detail), plaster 
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