Executive Committee

Executive Committee
Adopted 08-SEP-1971
Amended by School Council 28-MAY-2010

The following shall be members of the Executive Committee:

  1. Director;
  2. Associate Director (ex-officio);
  3. Chair of the Undergraduate Program Committee (ex-officio);
  4. Chair of the Appropriations Committee (ex-officio);
  5. Graduate Program Chair (ex-officio);
  6. Business Manager (ex-officio) and Recording Secretary.

Terms of Membership
The term of members is standing by virtue of position.

The Director or Designate will chair the committee.

The committee is advisory to the Director.

The mandate of the committee is to act as an advisory body to the Director on policy matters and strategic planning, and to coordinate the work of the committees of School Council. All committees shall conduct business in alignment with the mission, values and strategic goals of the School of Art.

Duties include:

  1. Prepare the calendar and agenda for SchoolCouncil meetings.
  2. Call special meetings of SchoolCouncil on no less than 24 hours’ notice for purposes specified in the Notice of Meeting.
  3. Ensure that Faculty Council by-laws are properly executed.
  4. Deal with the contingencies that arise between meetings of Faculty Council.
  5. Oversee the nominating process for the School of Art.
  6. Establish ad hoc committees as necessary to assist Faculty Council in carrying out its work where an appropriate standing committee of Council does not exist.
  7. Prioritize, within the strategic mandate and goals of the School of Art, requests for capital, equipment or other special studio/curricular funding requests made through the Appropriations Committee.
  8. Provide input to the Director regarding the striking and execution of the School of Art budget and the strategic planning process.
  9. Evaluate opportunities for fit within the School of Art’s mission, vision and values.
  10. Carry out other functions as School Council may from time to time specify.
  11. Report to School Council with respect to actions taken by the Executive Committee.

The Committee shall normally meet monthly from September to June.