BFA Art History Curriculum Committee

BFA Art History Curriculum Committee
Adopted           06-MAY-2017

The following shall be members of the Committee:

  1. Five (5) faculty – elected by School Council, with four (4) representing art history and one (1) representing studio;
  2. The Student Advisor (ex-officio);
  3. Director or designate (ex-officio);
  4. Recording secretary (non-voting).

Terms of Membership

  1. 1.The term of office of elected/appointed members shall be one (1) year commencing July 1. It is recommended that art history faculty rotate their membership on the BFA Art History committee with the Undergraduate Program Committee.
  2. The term of ex-officio members is standing by virtue of position.
  3. In cases when a member goes on leave, that member will normally return to the committee unless the end of their leave coincides with the end of their term. The Nominating Committee of School Council will be responsible for replacing/substituting a member.

As it is often necessary to have the advice of non-members, the Chair may invite individuals (non-voting) to attend committee meetings for consultation.

To be rotated between members of the committee each meeting.

The committee is advisory and recommends to the Undergraduate Program Committee.

The Art History Curriculum Committee is a sub-committee of the Undergraduate Program Committee. It meets to consider curriculum related issues.

All committees shall conduct business in alignment with the mission, values and strategic goals of the School of Art.

Duties include

1. Curriculum
1.1 Review and recommend the introduction, modification or deletion of undergraduate programs, curricula and courses;
1.2 Review and recommend revision to program policies, procedures and practices: admissions, examinations, grading and evaluation, required performance levels, and requirements for graduation;
1.3 Recommend courses in other faculties of the University that may be taken for credit in School of Art programs.


Every five (5) years (at a minimum), review the School’s policies and procedures appropriate to the committee to ensure that they are relevant to the University’s policies and procedures and that they continue to serve the needs of the School and its constituents. Submit the review to School Council.


  1. The Chair (or designate) shall call and preside at all meetings of the Committee.
  2. The Committee shall normally meet monthly from September to June.
  3. At least five (5) days written notice shall be given to all committee members.
  4. Quorum for all meetings shall be 50% plus one of the membership.
  5. Decisions will be made by majority vote.
  6. The Chair shall vote only to break a tie.
  7. The Committee's decisions will be recorded after each meeting, and a cumulative record of all minutes shall be maintained in the Office of the Director.