How can Partnerships & Innovation Help Entrepreneurs

(See full “Entrepreneurial talent & new ventures” process)

Within this context, the term “entrepreneurs” refers to the following:

  • U of M undergrad and graduate students
  • U of M researchers, associate professors, professors, research associates, postdocs
  • U of M technicians

with the desire to build an organization.

Partnerships & Innovation can help U of M entrepreneurs by:

  • Assessing your invention(s) for commercial potential.
  • Protecting the intellectual property (IP policy), when applicable.
  • Connecting you to local start-up resources/partners.
  • Networking and finding potential investors.
  • Performing licensing collaboration and negotiating the license agreements.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to contact Partnerships & Innovation when having a start-up idea and want to maintain confidentiality of this idea.

Partnerships & Innovation can help you reach out to the following local resources:

Contact a Technology Transfer Specialist