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About the Search
In this search you can find faculty members in a particular area of research, or browse the wide variety of research happening at the U of M.

Our faculty members have maintained information about their research expertise and interests, current teaching areas and other activities. They manage their information from the My Research Tools (MRT) website. More information about MRT is available here.
Quick Tips
Searching by Research Area
Enter words or phrases into the Keyword textbox. Multiple terms should be separated by commas. Use double quotation marks to search by exact keywords.

You can also click on the "Browse" link under the Keyword textbox to see all active keywords. Clicking on a keyword will enter it into the Keyword textbox, allowing you to select multiple keywords at once. When you are finished selecting keywords, simply go to the top of the page and click "Go".
Finding a Prof
You can find a professor by using a partial name. Or, use the "Browse" link to select a faculty or department to get a list.
Searching emphasis: Research Experts
This option will search and display researchers' keywords, research descriptions, and public/media descriptions.
Searching emphasis: Academic/Teaching
Use this option to include teaching descriptions in the search, and get a look at which professors are accepting graduate students.
International Activities
Check this box to include researchers' international activities in a keyword search.
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