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Future Challenge Areas

In June 2013, SSHRC’s governing council endorsed six future challenge areas. Each challenge area includes a range of possible—yet not exclusive—issues and subquestions that may also be addressed.  The six challenge areas have been integrated within SSHRC’s grants programs, to encourage and promote research, talent development, and the mobilization of knowledge in focussed challenge areas, complementing SSHRC’s support of these activities across all research areas.

  1. What new ways of learning, particularly in higher education, will Canadians need to thrive in an evolving society and labour market?
  2. What effects will the quest for energy and natural resources have on our society and our position on the world stage?
  3. How are the experiences and aspirations of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada essential to building a successful shared future?
  4. What might the implications of global peak population be for Canada?
  5. How can emerging technologies be leveraged to benefit Canadians?
  6. What knowledge will Canada need to thrive in an interconnected, evolving global landscape?

SSHRC Partnership Strategy

  • SSHRC is committed to supporting partnerships that create knowledge, share understanding and produce the insight Canada needs to successfully meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Helpful Guidelines

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For more information on SSHRC funding opportunities or if you are planning to apply to a SSHRC funding opportunity, contact:

Barbara R. Hewitt
Research Grants Officer (SSHRC & Misc)
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