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University of Manitoba Policies and Guidelines

University of Manitoba Policy - Ethics of Research Involving Humans

Guidelines for Administrative Research  (pdf)

Guidelines on Responsibilities for Research Ethics (pdf) 

Canadian Policies and Guidelines

Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans

The Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS) is the joint research ethics policy statement of the federal research agencies –Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). TCPS 2 is the first comprehensive revision of this Policy since its adoption in 1998. This document highlights some of the key elements of TCPS 2 in relation to the 1st edition.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP): Consolidated Guideline

Health Canada has adopted the International Conference on Harmonization Tri-Partite Guideline: Good Clinical Practice: Consolidated Guideline (GCP) as its own policy. GCP is designed as an ethical and scientific quality standard for designing, conducting, recording and reporting clinical trials that involve the participation of human subjects and that generate data that are intended to be submitted to regulatory authorities for the purposes of licensing new interventions in health care. GCP should be fully understood by researchers who are carrying out research that they intend to submit to regulatory authorities.

CIHR Best Practices for Protecting Privacy in Health Research (September 2005)

This document, produced by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) covers best practice guidelines to protecting participant privacy and confidentiality in health research

Guidelines for Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Research - June 7, 2005

The Guidelines were intended to be an interpretation and extension of the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS) with respect to human stem cell research and as such will be incorporated into the TCPS, which applies to all research conducted under the auspices of the granting Agencies.

CIHR Guidelines for Health Research Involving Aboriginal People (Draft May 2007)

These guidelines have been prepared by the Ethics Office of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), in conjunction with its Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health, to assist researchers and institutions in carrying out ethical and culturally competent research involving Aboriginal people. The intent is to promote health through research that is in keeping with Aboriginal values and traditions.

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Research Policies

Negotiating Research Relationships with Inuit Communities  - A Guide to Researchers (2007) (pdf)

This guide offers some ideas for how to begin, or improve the process of negotiating research relationships between researchers from a variety of disciplines and Inuit communities in northern Canada.

International Policies and Guidelines

International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH)

The website for the International Conference on Harmonization presents requirements and guidelines for pharmaceutical trials.

The Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research (1979)

Investigators applying for funding from the U.S. federal government are advised to consult this document. Others may find it informative.

Nuremberg Code

Declaration of Helsinki

45 CFR 46, Common Rule

Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 

Privacy Legislation

Personal Health Information Act  (PHIA)

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPA)

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)  (pdf)

Ethics Organizations

National Council on Ethics in Human Research

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Canadian Bioethics Society

World Health Organization (WHO)

The Canadian Tumour Repository Network (CTRNet)

CTRNet is a translational cancer research resource, funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research, that furthers Canadian health research by linking cancer researchers with provincial tumour banks.The ability for researchers to search for quality controlled tissue samples from Canada’s leading tumour banks in one central location and for biobanks to display and make their biospecimens available for research users. The benefits of working with include:  

  • Learning opportunities in tissue handling, research design and relevant technology training and innovations. 
  • Invitation to CTRNet workshops and conferences. 
  • A resource for current news links and discussion forums about cancer research and tumour banking.

Health Canada Guidance
If you are conducting a clinical trial involving drugs, biologics, devices and/or natural health products you should review the Bannatyne Campus Health Canada Approval for Clinical Trials page.