Fee Assessment for Review of Research Proposals

Which protocols will be charged an assessment fee?

The Bannatyne Campus Research Ethics office will assess a fee of $2500.00 for protocols that are funded all or in part by the private sector. Protocols that are not funded by private sector organizations and protocols with small external grants usually will not be billed. Research undertaken within undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate training programs and studies funded by national granting agencies will not be billed..

Protocols funded by the Private Sector

The $2500.00 fee is NOT dependent upon approval (i.e. if the study is not approved or initiated and REB review has been undertaken the fee will apply). One of the following modes of payment must be specified in the submission package:

  • A University Account Number from which the fee of $2500.00 may be debited by processing an interdepartmental charge; or
  • A contact person with a billing address and telephone number to which the fee of $2500.00 may be invoiced.

If the mode of payment is not specified, the Principal Investigator will be billed directly.

Researchers should reference the appropriate Ethics Review Number in all correspondence regarding billing.

Combined Submissions

A single fee of $2500.00 may be charged when two or more investigators, involved in the same study, combine their submission to the Research Ethics Boards. This 'single fee' is subject to the following conditions:

  • One investigator (hereafter referred to as the 'contact investigator') should submit the package (containing all the submission requirements) on behalf of all the investigators who are making the combined submission.
  • The contact investigator's submission package should include the consent forms for all the investigative sites involved in the combined submission. The consent forms for the various sites involved in the combined submission should be identical in content except for site-specific details such as letterhead, investigators' names, contact numbers etc.
  • The cover letter of the submission should indicate the name of the investigator making the submission and the names of the other investigators on whose behalf she/he is making the combined submission.
  • Throughout the course of the study, the contact investigator is responsible for submitting all amendments, Serious Adverse Event reports etc. on behalf of herself/himself and all those involved in the combined submission.

When the same protocol is submitted separately by different investigators, each investigator will be billed $2500.00.

Any questions regarding fee assessment should be directed to:

Beatrice Kallu 
(204) 789-3883

REB Ethics Office
Room P126 Pathology Building
770 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0W3