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Animal Use Protocol Form and Applicable Schedules
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Animal Use Protocol Form And Applicable Schedules

Animal Use Protocol Form  (revised July 2019)

Animal Use Protocol Form - Instructions for Preparing and Submitting 
(revised January 2021)

Schedule 1 - Personnel (revised October 2018)
Schedule 2 - Anesthesia, Sedation, Chemical Restraint (revised April 2014)
Schedule 2B - Use of a Neuromuscular Blocking Agent (NMB) 
(revised April 2014)
Schedule 3 - Surgery  (revised April 2014)

Schedule 4 - Humane Endpoints (revised June 2017)

Schedule 4A - Humane Endpoints Adding New Personnel for the Purposes of Endpoint Monitoring (revised June 2017)

Schedule 5 - Physical Restraint (revised April 2014)
Schedule 6 - Nutrient and/or Diet Modifications (revised June 2015)
Schedule 7 - Behavioural Experiments (revised April 2014)
Schedule 8 - Environmental Manipulation (revised April 2018)
Schedule 9 - Teaching (revised April 2014)
Schedule 10A - Risk Assessment (for research being conducted at U of M only) (revised June August 2015)
Schedule 10.2A - Risk Assessment for Agents Administered to Animals Supplement (revised April 2014)
Schedule 10B - Risk Assessment Amendment to Add New Personnel 
(revised June 2021)
Schedule S10F Safe Work Practice 001 Formaldehyde Perfusion of Animals
(revised Sept 2014)
Schedule 10 - St Boniface Research Centre (revised July 2018)
Schedule 11 - Field Study (revised June 2019)
Schedule 12 - Common Procedures (revised July 2018)
Schedule 13 - Genetically Engineered Laboratory Animals (revised April 2014)
Schedule 14 - Offsite Housing (revised October 2016)
Schedule 15 - Establishment and Maintenance of Breeding Colonies for Non-Genetically Manipulated Animals (revised April 2014)

Schedule 15B - Establishment and/or Maintenance of Livestock Breeding Herds or Flocks (revised April 2014)

Schedule 16 - Imaging Procedures (August 2019)

Other Animal Care Forms/Documents

Animal Protocol Renewal Short Form (revised November 2019)
Application for Amendment to Animal Protocol (revised November 2019)

Abbreviated Protocol For Minimal Animal Involvement 
(revised October 2018)

Animal Use Protocol Worksheet 3rs (revised April 2014)
Breeding Colony Production Forecast and Annual Disposition Report to the Animal Care Committee (revised April 2014)

Field Studies Progress Report (revised April 2014)

Protocol Keywords (revised November 2015)

Request to Establish In-house Breeding Colony (revised April 2014)

Animal Order Form for Research or Teaching Purposes (October 2020)

Animal Care Training Forms

Animal User Training Form (revised July 2017)
Wet Lab Registration Form (revised November 2019)

Certification of Delivery of a PI-Directed Wildlife Training Synopsis


Endpoint Monitoring Forms

Endpoint Monitoring Checklist - Daily monitoring

Endpoint Monitoring Checklist - Bid monitoring

Health Canada Exemption Application Form - Exemption Information Package  

ORS Forms

Request for Preliminary Access (RPA)

Amendment to RPA

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