Animal Care Overview

"We are morally responsible for any living thing that we cause to be dependent upon us, including animals used in research, teaching and testing."
Olfert ED, Cross BM, McWilliam AA. 1993. Guide to the Care and Use of Experimental Animals, Volume 1, 2 Edition. Canadian Council on Animal Care, Ottawa.

The University of Manitoba recognizes and supports the essential need for responsible animal research.  Research is the foundation of all scientific progress and animals are one of the basic foundations of that research. 

The use of animals in research, teaching or testing is a privilege that is extended when a justifiable need is established. Accordingly, all animal care and use must be reviewed and approved by an Animal Care Committee (ACC) prior to commencement.

Implementing and adhering to policies and guidelines on the proper care and use of animals in research, teaching or testing is an institutional responsibility shared by: the administration (including central, faculty and departmental); specially appointed committees; the Director of Animal Care and Use and Veterinary Services; animal facilities directors faculty members, staff and students.

The University is committed to maintaining high standards of animal care and use in animal-based research, teaching and testing.  The University is currently in full compliance with the Canadian Council on Animal Care who has certified that the animal care and use program at the University of Manitoba is in accordance with the standards of Good Animal Practice.

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