The International Advisory Committee (IAC)
The International Advisory Committee was established by the Vice-President (Research & International) as a standing committee of the University of Manitoba. The committee’s work includes providing advice to the vice-president on issues related to international research, student and faculty mobility, international partnerships, support for international students, immigration, and travel risk management. The committee also monitors the progress of the University of Manitoba International Strategy, creating working groups as needed to address particular policy and procedure concerns related to internationalization.

Regional Advisory Groups (RAGs)
Regional Advisory Groups form part of the governance structure of international activities at the University. They are multidisciplinary groups comprised of faculty, staff, and students with interests and expertise in a particular region. Four RAG Chairs sit on the International Advisory Committee, providing feedback related to their region of expertise, as well as guidance on the internationalization efforts of the University as a whole. RAG Chairs also make recommendations on international institutional memberships, and work with the International Centre to provide advice on its services and supports.  

Letters of participation will be provided to all RAG members: to submit a request for your letter of participation, please contact the International Centre.

Regional Advisory Group Chair Contact Information

Dr. Garry Shen

East Africa
Dr. Keith Fowke

German-speaking countries
Dr. Hartmut Holländer

Latin America
Dr. Yoav Keynan

South Asia 
Dr. Jitendra Paliwal

Dr. Lori Wilkinson

West Africa - Vacant
For information contact:Cameron Zywina
International Partnership Officer (Americas, Africa & Middle East)

University community members who wish to initiate a Regional Advisory Group should contact the International Partnership Officer for the region for instructions on submitting an application.  


Tara Cleve
Team Lead, Partnerships & Mobility
(204) 474-6836

Asia & Oceania

Kennis Fung
International Partnership Officer

Anna Polonyi
International Partnership Officer
(204) 474-6835 

Americas, Middle East & Africa
Cameron Zywina
International Partnership Officer
(204) 474-6418