Information for Faculty

Many faculty members have had questions about their responsibilities to students for the purposes of this award. You should only agree to meet with and interviewed by students you are willing to supervise, OR, be very clear that you are agreeing to be interviewed as the second professor, not the one that they choose to work with on their application. Both student and professor should have a very clear agreement on whether they will be working together over the summer should the student be successful in their application.

Secondly, you should not make agreements with more students than you are able to supervise. You should go with the assumption that all students you agree to have list you on their application could be successful. We will not be checking as to your preference if a student is successful and you could end up supervising more students than you intended if you make agreements with more than you are willing to work with.

If for some reason you are not able to work with the student after they are awarded, please let them know as soon as possible so that they can contact our office to make arrangements to find another professor to supervise their award.

You are also responsible for providing the necessities required for the student to conduct the research: workstation, necessary supplies, or any other resources they may need to carry out the tasks.

Thank you again for supporting undergraduate students at the University through this exciting opportunity!