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Here's what some of our current and past students have to say about attending the Physical Therapy program at the University of Manitoba...

The MPT program is intense, challenging but also a lot of fun. The program teaches us something new every day. It’s so cool to finally be learning specific physiotherapy knowledge and skills after spending years completing a Bachelor degree. The program gave me so many opportunities to grow as a person. It gave me all kinds of exposure to the many areas that physical therapy can help people. It gave me friends that I will keep for a lifetime and a career that I love.

Kaylee McLachlin, Class of 2019




I chose the University of Manitoba because the Master of Physical Therapy program here provides a unique learning experience that allows students to grow into lifelong learners. The close-knit academic and clinical community provides students with unparalleled support, while providing the opportunity to establish professional affiliations within the broader community.

Heather Sandu, Class of 2015

As a student physiotherapist at the U of M I have had the pleasure of witnessing the faculty’s continuous dedication and commitment to the profession and to us as future colleagues. It can go without saying that a family has formed within this group of staff and students and I am privileged to be a part of it.

Renée Funk, Class of 2013

The PT program has exceeded my expectations. A very tight-knit student community and close relationships with dedicated instructors has made my student experience here very fulfilling. I am very excited about the many opportunities this profession will provide for me.


Jon Mudry, Class of 2010


As a physiotherapist, I not only get a chance to see and do a wide variety of different things in any given work day, but it is also a profession that has allowed me the opportunity to work and live within many different cultures. The University of Manitoba not only provided me with a strong clinical and knowledge base, but the school and faculty have been more than supportive since I have graduated.”


Brooke McKenzie (B.M.R.(PT)/2005)

Photograph of Brooke McKenzie



“The training and mentorship I received in the area of musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy stimulated my interest and drive to become involved in treating active individuals.”


Russ Horbal, B.M.R. (PT)/1983
Co-Director, Sports Physiotherapy Centre, Pan Am Clinic
Therapist for the Canadian Olympic Team (1976, 1984, 2002)



September 9, 2014

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