Preparing for the Program

Recommended Courses

In addition to the prerequisites, there are many other courses that will provide background knowledge and skills that are beneficial for students in the occupational therapy program. Although these courses will not impact your eligibility for admissions, students within the program have shared that the following areas have been helpful:

  • Human Development (ex. child, adolescent, adult development)
  • Behavioural Sciences (ex. motivation, learning, cognition, perception, attention)
  • Social Sciences (ex. family social sciences, sociology of aging, social inequalities, social problems, small groups)
  • Health Sciences (ex. determinants of health, health care systems, health and illness)
  • Kinesiology (ex. biomechanics, advanced anatomy and physiology, motor learning)
  • Indigenous studies, gender studies, human rights studies, urban studies
  • Any courses that develop skills in oral communication or academic writing skills
  • Any courses that develop research skills (literature searches, data collection, data analysis)