Preparing for the Program

Volunteer/Work Opportunities

Volunteering is not specifically required for admission to the Master of Occupational Therapy program, however it is expected that applicants have researched and/or have had some exposure to the profession in order to make an informed choice about their future. Potential applicants to the MOT program can contact the Career Mentor program to arrange a meeting/interview with an occupational therapist.

Many student Occupational Therapists have indicated that their volunteer and work experiences not only helped to prepare them for the interview process, but also provided them with valuable experiences that they can integrate into the academic and fieldwork aspects of the program. These experiences are also drawn upon once the students move on to practice occupational therapy after graduation.

Volunteer/work experiences do not need to specifically be with an occupational therapist. Recommended work/volunteer activities would include opportunities for:

  • personal development (teamwork, communication, leadership)
  • working with people with a variety of abilities and/or
  • working with people from variety of age groups and/or
  • working with people from a variety of social/cultural backgrounds.


Some examples of places to explore for volunteer/work opportunities may include:

Age and Opportunity

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Immigrant Centre

Local School Divisions

Manitoba Cerebral Palsy Sports Association (MCPSA) Swim Program

Rehabilitation Centre for Children

Manitoba Possible (formerly the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities)

St. Amant Centre

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

October 2020