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 Although eagerly awaiting convocation, I am sad to be leaving the occupational therapy program at the University of Manitoba. Over the last two years I have shared great memories with my classmates, and have received mentorship and support from all the faculty members.

The OT program strives to be student-centred, and it shows. They are continuously integrating student feedback, and dedicated on training great clinicians. In my opinion their success comes from maintaining a class size of 50, and a balance between lectures, tutorial groups, and hands-on sessions. By keeping the class size to 50 it is large enough for diversity and small enough that it feels like a family, and facilitates a tutorial group ratio where students can receive individualize attention and feedback to push development. Also, the mix of teaching methods accommodates students to learn from instructors passionate about translating their expertise to future generations. 


For example, the fieldwork coordination staff work very hard at finding and placing students in “role-emerging” positions, allowing students to push the boundaries of what is possible with an education in OT and educating the community on the diverse application of our skill set. Also, the faculty encourage students to seek new opportunities, whether it be collaborations with other health profession programs or volunteering in the community. Their “open door” policy extended beyond concerns with academic coursework, and their collegial attitude included mentorship and guidance in assisting in taking leaps to develop professionally.

I have no reservations about recommending others to train as an occupational therapist at the University of Manitoba. In my experience, the program provides a great foundation, and has prepared me to succeed and excel as a clinician. The program has a great reputation, and is the hidden gem in the prairies.

Juan Monterrosa (Grad 2014)

As I start to prepare for the National Exam and get ready to say goodbye to school for the time being, I find myself thinking about what a great experience being at SMR was. I really wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for contributing in such big ways to my education as an Occupational Therapist. In the moment I never took the time to say it, but I think of many of you as role models, and aspire to be as passionate and knowledgeable in the field as you all are. I think you all do such a fantastic job of conveying your knowledge to students and seem to constantly try and find new and exciting ways to teach. This is truly inspiring. Since being out of school I have heard twice people say that grads from the U of M program are well rounded and come with a lot of knowledge. I am proud to come from a program that has such a good reputation around the country.

So, thanks again for a great two years! I won't forget it.”

(Excerpt from a thank you letter written by Marietta Schoenau (Grad 2009) to the Department of Occupational Therapy.)

Looking back at the past two years of the MOT program, I can see the immense leaps and bounds I have made in my knowledge and skills. My knowledge base of health conditions, and the skills of assessment and intervention in individuals' lives has expanded in such a short time period that I feel proudly surprised!

The alternating blocks of classroom-based learning with practice-based fieldwork allowed me to get a background and base in the knowledge and skills that I would then get to go out and try in fieldwork. This helped to solidify my newly learned knowledge and skills, understand their importance and expand on these in the subsequent academic and fieldwork blocks.

Throughout the two years of the MOT program, the faculty provided me with so much support and were there to offer their assistance. During the first week of the program, I remember one of the faculty members saying we were their new colleagues and they wanted to treat us as such. They did treat me as their colleague and provided valuable mentorship. They were not there to see me fail but to succeed and excel. The work is tough, the hours are long, but the MOT program at the University of Manitoba is a wonderful hands-on graduate program which leads to a very meaningful career in occupational therapy. 
Rachel Clark, Class of 2010

October, 2018

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