FAQs About Preparing for the Program

    Do I need volunteer experience? If so, should it be with an OT?
      Volunteering is not a requirement for admission to the Master of Occupational Therapy program, however applicants have typically found that related volunteer and work experiences have helped them within the interview process. Upon being admitted to the program, students have additionally felt that their volunteer experiences have been valuable in both their academic work as well as during fieldwork. Volunteer experience does not need to be with an occupational therapist, however it is expected that applicants have researched and/or have had some exposure to the profession in order to make an informed choice. Recommended work/volunteer activities would include opportunities for personal development (teamwork, communication, leadership), working with people with a variety of abilities, and/or a variety of age groups, and/or from a variety of social/cultural backgrounds. U of M students can contact the Career Mentor program to arrange a meeting/interview with an occupational therapist.
    Where can I learn more about OT?
      Click here to learn more about Occupational Therapy
    What courses do I need to take in high school?
      We do not have any specific high school requirements. High school students should however select courses that are required for the undergraduate courses/degree that they will be enrolling prior to applying to the Master of Occupational Therapy program.

      Some university courses require high school prerequisites for registration. Our on-line course catalog, found here, can be used to view high school prerequisite requirements for particular courses.
      Information found in Aurora student in September 2018 shows the following high school requirements or recommendations for MOT prerequisite courses at the University of Manitoba:
      BIOL 1410  Anatomy of the Human Body – no high school prerequisite. High school Biology is highly recommended
      BIOL 1412  Physiology of the Human Body – prerequisite BIOL 1410
      PSYC 1200 Introductory Psychology – there is no prerequisite requirement. This course is needed for registration in all other courses in psychology.
      STAT 1000 Basic Statistical Analysis I – any grade 12 or 40S mathematics
      Social Science Prerequisite – no high school prerequisite is needed
      Please note the above high school courses are required for registration. This information is different than  admission requirements for undergraduate programs. Please reference the Undergraduate Admissions Requirements at the University of Manitoba here for information on entrance requirements.
    What other courses should I take?
      Although this will not impact your eligibility for admission, students have typically found that courses that further relate to the human body (physical, emotional, spiritual, psychosocial), the environment (social or physical), culture, and aging are helpful. Writing courses are additionally recommended. Some examples of courses may include:
      • psychology courses related to motivation, emotion, learning, cognition, perception, or attention
      • abnormal psychology
      • courses related to aging, health and illness, health care systems, determinants of health
      • biomechanics, human movement

Last updated: August, 2018

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