FAQs About the Interview

    Who will be offered an interview?
      Interview selection will be based on the Grade Point Average of the last 60 credit hours and CASPer score. It is anticipated that we will interview approximately 85 applicants.
    When will the interviews be held?
      The MOT interview typically takes place on a Saturday in late April. The tentative date for the MOT admission interviews is on Saturday, April 24th, 2021.
    What information do the interviewers have about me?
      The interviewers do not have any background information on the applicants other than each applicant’s name. They do not have access to your application package, transcripts, or resumé.
    If I am not offered a seat in the program, can I get feedback on how I did on my interview?
      No, the Department of Occupational Therapy is not able to offer individualized feedback on how applicants have done on the interview.
    If I re-apply to the program, will the interviewers know that this is not my first time interviewing?
      No, the interviewers do not have any background information on you. They will only know that you have been through the process before if you disclose that information to them during the interview.

Last updated: October 2020

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