FAQs About Applying

    What is the deadline date?
      The deadline to apply is February 1 for Canadian applicants, and January 15 for international applicants.

    How many students will you accept into the program?
      50 per year.

    Are any spots held for out-of-province candidates?
      Yes. Each year, approximately 15 per cent of the class is selected from the out-of-province category.

    How many people typically apply?
      The number of applicants varies from year to year. In the last five years, the number of applicants has fluctuated from between 172 to 231. 

    Do I need letters of recommendation?

    Is preference given to certain degrees and/or area of major/minor?
      No. We do not rank students based on type of degree. In order to be eligible, students must complete a 3 or 4 year undergraduate degree recognized by the University of Manitoba and have the required prerequisite courses (or equivalent).

    What if I am currently taking courses at the time of the application deadline, can I still apply?
      Yes. If you are completing your degree and/or prerequisites after the application deadline, it is your responsibility to ensure that your final transcript is received by the Faculty of Graduate Studies prior to the appropriate deadlines.

      If an applicant is offered a spot in the program, it will be conditional on meeting all requirements and providing final official transcripts by the required deadlines as outlined in the current MOT Application Guide found under Applying to MOT in the OT Admissions hub.

    What was the Grade Point Average (GPA) last year?
      Applicants are required to have a minimum overall average of ‘B’ (3.0) in their last 60 credit hours of study. Your GPA will be calculated using the last 60 credits hours, which is ten full course equivalents, or two years of regular full-time study that are completed, with a final mark, and included on your transcript by December 31 of the academic year in which you apply. Interviews are offered to applicants based on GPA and CASPer test results. Interview offers will be dependent upon the applicant pool for the year and can vary.

    How do I calculate my Last 60 Credit Hour Grade Point Average?
      Tips for calculating your GPA can be found here. The last 60 credit hours will include all university level courses that fall within the last 60 credit hours. Courses will be considered:  regardless of whether they are part of a degree (i.e. if courses are taken after the degree is completed), regardless of the academic session (i.e. regular or spring/summer sessions) and regardless of whether they were taken part-time or full-time. Should an applicant repeat a course in the last 60 credit hours, the higher grade will be considered in calculating the grade point average.

    My university uses a different grading scale from the University of Manitoba. How do I convert the grades?
      A GPA equivalency table can be found here.
    To whom can I address my letter of introduction?
      Dr. Pamela Wener
      Chair, Admissions and Selections Committee

                What should I include in my letter of introduction?
                  Your letter of introduction should be one page in length. It can be formatted as you would format a cover letter written as part of a job application. Applicants should outline their interest and suitability for a career as an occupational therapist.

                    What format should I use for my resume?
                      The MOT Admissions and Selections Committee does not require a specific format for your resume. A format similar to what you would use when applying for a job is acceptable. Resume content can include academic background, previous/current employment, volunteer experiences and extracurricular activities.

                        How will I receive confirmation that my application and accompanying documents have been received by the Faculty of Graduate Studies?
                          Applicants will receive an email confirmation of receipt from FGS when their application is processed. This email will indicate if any items are outstanding. Please note that FGS receives hundreds of applications in January, so there may be a delay of up to a few weeks to receive confirmation. To find out the status of your application please log in to the Self-Service Centre.

                          In order to facilitate the timely processing of your application, it is recommended that you apply and include all required documentation in your on-line at the time of submission.

                        I will still be taking courses at the time of application; do I need to send an official transcript with my application?
                          No, you can upload an unofficial transcript at the time of application. Should you be offered a seat in our program, final official transcripts showing final marks for all course work, along with proof of degree (where applicable), will be required.

                                    If you apply prior to having a transcript with the grades as of December 2020 showing, please email a copy of your transcript to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Occupational Therapy Program as soon as the transcript becomes available. We will not be able to calculate your GPA of the last 60 credit hours until this is received.

                                  Where should I send my supporting documents for my application?

                                    Official documents can be mailed to:
                                    Faculty of Graduate Studies
                                    500 University Centre
                                    University of Manitoba
                                    Winnipeg, MB
                                    R3T 2N2

                                        Last updated: October, 2020
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