What Occupational Therapists Earn


What Occupational Therapists Earn
Salaries vary depending on many factors, however entry level occupational therapists in Winnipeg can generally expect to earn an annual salary of about $66,000 after graduation. 

Information on the Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals Collective Agreements can be found here.  This agreement does not include all areas of OT practice, however provides a sense of the salary scales for unionized occupational therapists working in some of the larger health facilities in Manitoba.

In addition to jobs specifically listed as “Occupational Therapy”, some occupational therapist are also employed in other positions such as “Community Health: Community Mental Health Worker” and in positions that might be listed as “Coordinator.”  Management positions will not be listed in these collective agreements. Occupational Therapists employed in School Divisions are typically included in the collective agreement of their school division.

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