The Fieldwork Team
Margaret Anne Campbell-Rempel, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator   Margaret Anne Campbell Rempel
 Academic Fieldwork Coordinator

 (204) 789-3992 


Rhonda van Veggel
Administrative Coordinator of Fieldwork Placements

 (204) 789 3757

   Teresa Allison
 Outreach Developer

 (204) 789-3217

What can your outreach developer do for you?

• Discuss strategies with you to make fieldwork work in your practice environment (model of fieldwork, timing of fieldwork, etc)

• Help develop placements in new areas of practice

• Introductory workshops are regularly held in fall and spring

• Send you Fieldwork Educator Tips before and during the time you are offering a placement that are tailored to the timing and level of the placement

• Check in with you during the placement

• Answer questions and provide support as needed before and during placement

• Provide on-site workshops

• Link clinicians, ideas, and resources throughout the community


June 2016