Eligibility Requirements

Canadian applicants may request a prerequisite review for courses not listed on the eligibility requirements webpage prior to submitting an application package. International candidates are not offered a pre-assessment. Files of International candidates will be reviewed following submission of a complete application package.

Due to the high volume of inquiries prerequisite reviews will only be available in advance of an application between May 15 and December 15.  After these dates interested Canadian applicants are encouraged to submit and pay for an application prior to the application deadline.

For those that apply, prerequisite reviews will only be conducted for applicants that are in the ranking to receive an interview offer. If our office requires more information regarding pre-requisite courses for candidates who are in the competitive range for an interview offer, our office will contact the candidate by email to request a course syllabus.

For more details on the admissions process, applicant categories and important deadline dates please reference the current Master of Occupational Therapy Application Guide found in the MOT Admissions hub.

1. Check the MOT Eligibility Requirements website here to see if your course(s) have been previously approved by the MOT program Admissions Committee.  Approved MOT prerequisite courses offered at post-secondary institutions outside of Manitoba can be located at the bottom of the page.

2. If you are unable to find your course listed on the MOT Eligibility Requirements website above you can check to see if the University of Manitoba has previously assessed courses from your home institution. Courses that have been assessed for equivalency are located in the University of Manitoba’s Transfer Credit Equivalencies database, found here.

3. If you are unable to find your course(s) on the MOT Eligibility Requirements website or in the University of Manitoba’s Transfer credit equivalencies database your course(s) may not have been previously assessed for equivalency. If your course has not been previously assessed, you will be required to submit the following, in order for the course to be assessed as equivalent to the MOT program admission prerequisite:

Please identify the courses you feel would meet our prerequisite requirements and submit for evaluation including the following information:

i)  Name of Institution Where Course Was Taken

ii)  Course Name, Number and Academic Calendar Listing (including credit weight)

KIN 2320 Credits 3
Title: Human Anatomy
Description: (Lab Required) Structure of the skeletal, articular, and muscular systems of the human body. May not be held for credit with PHED 2320 (057.232), REHB 1480 (068.148), REHB 1490 (068.149), or REHB 1500 (068.150). Prerequisite: BIOL 1030 (C) or both BIOL 1000 (071.100) and BIOL 1010 (071.101) (C+ in each) or BIOL 1412 (ZOOL 1330 or 022.133) (C).

iii)  Detailed Course Syllabus/Outline

The detailed Course Syllabus is what you receive from the course instructor, outlining the topics that were to be covered over the course of the term.

Please Note: The course syllabus is not the same as the Academic Calendar Listing above. If you do not have a copy of this for submission, you will need to contact the instructor or Department head to attain this information.

iv)  Textbook Information (ONLY if not included in Course Syllabus) Textbook title, edition and author(s)

Upon receipt of the above information, courses will be reviewed and assessed for equivalency by the Admissions Chair and you will be notified accordingly of the outcome.

Please submit your pre-requisite assessment packages via email to CORS.MOTprogram@umanitoba.ca 

See Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding eligibility and prerequisites.

Last Update: October 2020