STEP 7: Check and pay your fees

Students will use Aurora to obtain a fee assessment - you will not be sent a statement in the mail.  It is your responsibility to be aware of your fee balance and to make payment by the appropriate deadline. 

Use the links below to find out about fee calculation, fee assessment, making subsequent registration changes, or withdrawing from classes.

How are my fees calculated and assessed? 

Reviewing your fee assessment is the final step of the registration process - you should do this after any registration change you make, and verify that your fees have been adjusted accordingly.

You are financially and academically responsible for all courses in which you are registered after the revision deadline, even if you do not attend class. Non-payment of fees will not cancel your registration.

How do I pay my fees?

What happens to my fees if my Residency Status changes?

What if I change or drop my classes?

What other deadlines to I need to be aware of?